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Divine Healing Services

Direct - Intuitive - Creative

This style of healing can be termed Direct - Intuitive - Creative. I’ll simply tap into your field and go straight to the most pertinent problem and start clearing it with any sort of creative modality that comes to mind. Flowers, Crystals, Colors, Rain, Herbs, Animals, Rays, Glyphs, etc. 


I call upon the support of Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Metatron, and Archangel Chamuel, as well as my Higher Self. These are the ‘standard’ calls, though more will be called as necessary. Michael and Metatron are very direct in their approach to healing, clearing away any debris that disconnects you from connection with your Higher Self/God Force/I AM Presence. Debris can cover quite a wide range of maladies. 


I will need your picture and a statement of consent (I XXX consent to this Direct - Intuitive - Creative healing with the assistance of the Archangelic Kingdoms). Email address is You send the email before making any form of payment or energy qualification. 


Remuneration is flexible. You can make a suggested donation between $33 - $39 for this healing. You can also say a prayer or just say thanks, but in a meaningful way. Pause, stop and appreciate. 


You can also do none of these things, but it’s best to do some sort of qualification on your end. If you are genuinely grateful, then that’s perfect. Gratitude is immensely powerful. Not to mention healing in and of itself. 


You can expect a response between 3 - 14 days, with all the information I tapped into. When I get your picture and name, I’ll contemplate your Being and wait until ideas begin to crystallize. I Am not a clairvoyant (as of yet), but I Am extremely clairsentient and claircognizant. So I’ll basically automatically know what to do and what the issues are, without the imagery. But it all has to happen in Divine timing. 


It will typically be one short healing, or up to 3 healing sessions spread out (rare). You don’t have to automatically accept everything I say as True, it’s just what I’m getting on my end. You are, after all, 100% Sovereign, and always have been. 

Repressed Emotional Healing

This healing is mainly aimed at anger issues, but it covers all types of repressed emotions. Every human on the planet is dealing with these repressed emotions, in one form or another. This can come from past lives, poor relationships, toxins, the media, the education system, the catholic church, a group you are a part of. All disease stems from negative emotions and negative feelings, so it has to be expressed one way or the other. This will have you feeling light, free, creative, and alive once again. You would not believe how much these repressed energies are holding you back from expressing your Higher Self Easily and Effortlessly. With all of the censorship, you might have noticed that human society is not exactly friendly to self expression. Especially when its True!

It's an online place for you to express yourself unreservedly, get to the root of the issues, and vent. You can smash things or curse if you want. This is actually the ideal outcome, because we'll just Violet Flame the whole thing afterwards. Release it and transmute it.  

There is no judgement here, even if you are, in fact, Adolf Hitler reincarnate. Would you believe that God has no judgement of such people, only humans do? The aim is merely to get some toxic nonsense from your system and move onwards. I've suffered a tremendous amount of shame and humiliation, so its made me a much better healer. I've also been brainwashed, drugged, implanted, and subject to Reptilian possession for 6 days, which has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the human condition. This lifetime has been quite an interesting one with many twists and turns. Those vibrations are no longer all that necessary, because I tend to express them quickly and learn the lessons.  Otherwise, stuckness and sickness will ensure. 

I will need your picture and a statement of consent (I XXX consent to this Repressed-Emotional-Healing healing with the assistance of the Archangelic Kingdoms). Email address is You send the email before making any form of payment or energy qualification. Link will be sent on after a date an time are agreed. 

The price for this session is $22 - $33 per 30 - 60 minute session. You can take 5 sessions for 5 consecutive days if you want. It's definitely a good idea to work with these issues deeply, as they can have been there for many lifetimes. It's often not a one-time thing.  After the initial session, you will also be tuning in to your Divine Self/God to ask for the most graceful, effortless, artistic way to express these repressed emotions.


Otherwise, you'll be undertaking a Cathartic release of some kind and the whole thing will come out in a very ungodly fashion. This is the best case scenario, as it would otherwise stay inside you, rob all of your energy, and create disease.


Don't let that toxic nonsense ruin your life through passivity. Purge it. Let's nip this in a bud and get going with our real mission of love, joy, fulfillment, upliftment, and purpose.   

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