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Site Constitution

Galactic Literature will not collect your email address without consent. None of the typical advertising gimmicks are to be found here. Your time, energy, and attention are your own. You are not encouraged to leave your email address unless you wish to do so. You should not make a purchase unless you really believe that the books can further your own self-development. The site does not seek to steal your energy or your sensitive information.


You can, however, subscribe to the Galactic Blog where short articles will be sent to your email address once or twice a week. Aside from the blog articles sent, you will not receive any other promotional material without express consent. A more natural approach is taken towards information sharing and your energy will not be harvested in any way. The aim of this site and the channeled material is self-empowerment and soul sovereignty. 

Galactic Literature does not recognize any of the human laws or centralized organizations as having any power over the words expressed or actions undertaken in relation to this site. This is a Galactic website operating within the Terrestrial internet infrastructure. As such, the site is governed by Galactic Laws of Free Will and Divine Laws of Soul Sovereignty. Author has agreed to be used as a channel for higher energies and it is the responsibility of each soul to take responsibility for each and every action performed.  

Author will be using some platforms and systems that are not the most 'organic' in nature while working through this site. Such platforms might include Gmail, PayPal, Google, YouTube, etc. These are necessary for the purposes of practicality but will be rendered obsolete with time as the web becomes more transparent. 

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