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24 Hour Dry & Water Fasting

This is going to be a continually updated live blog over the next year. I do have hard copies of twelve 21-day juice fasts spread out over 6 years or so. But an online edition of all the revelations I have on fasts is much more efficient. I’m still doing my yearly 21-day fast (more on that in another blog). However, this is a different strategy.

I’ll be doing a 24 hour dry fast every 2 weeks, on the full and new moons. I intend to do this for the next year at least, but likely perpetually as a cleanse. This seems like a more intelligent way to prepare for Divine Amrita over the long term. It’s more sensible. The intention going into the fasts is a complete renewal as well as restraint, discipline, and a starving of the forces of darkness through non-compliance and non addictive behaviours.

Of course, Super Health and Super Optimised wellbeing is also on the menu. The fast will be fun, enjoyable, and will expand my consciousness. It's only 24 hours, typically 6 PM until 24 hours later.

Sunday August 22nd 2021

  • Ended up being a 24 hour water fast and a 20 hour Dry Fast. I finished eating at 6PM the day before and had Green Tea at 9 PM. The next day, I had fluids at 5PM followed by a meal at 6.

  • I felt a little queasy at noon and dehydrated. Then I went to sleep for a ‘recalibration’. When I woke up, I felt fine. Easy, but boring. But I did it!

  • Broke the fast with blueberry juice followed by a vegetable stir fry an hour later.

  • Could easily have gone for another 24 hours I feel.

  • 7 PM - eat a box of pringles. Failure, basically. These addictions are powerful but can be overcome. Hopefully the last box ever consumed.

Tuesday September 7th 2021

  • New Moon in Virgo, Sun in Virgo

  • Very similar to the last fast. I felt tired after the 14 hour mark or so. After a brief sleep, I felt fully recalibrated.

  • I broke the dry fast with a fruit smoothie after 20 hours. At the 22 hour mark, I had a large meal of french fries and curry sauce.

  • Still happy with progress and diligence. It’s the boredom that’s the real killer. Could have gone for 24 hours except for the boredom.

  • Will be most certainly making this a lifelong practice. I feel that it’s a great way to do shadow work and delve within.

Monday, September 20th

  • Full Moon in Pisces, Sun in Leo.

  • Took castor oil in herbal tea in the morning, and then finished my eating with bread and tea by noon. This started the fast.

  • I also took a platinum alchemical substance which had interesting effects in spurring things on. The fast started earlier because I did not feel hungry and decided to skip the 6 PM meal and go for it.

  • Felt tired and slept from ~5 PM to 6:30 PM. Feel light and alive now at 9:30 PM.

  • Fast complete. 24 hours dry fasting, noon to noon, 20th to 21st.

  • Breaking the fast with sourdough bread, butter, and warm oat milk. Not particularly hungry, but excited to eat.

  • Should also mention that I woke up feeling extremely Holy, Celestial, and Blessed.

October 6th

  • Unfortunately, missed this New Moon. Had way too much going on at the time with invitations, studies, and social conventions. Have to be flexible and allow for life, even if disciplined and intentional about your plans. The rigid break, and the flexible adapt.

October 20th

  • Full Moon in Aires.

  • 20 Hour Fast and 16 hour dry fast. Again, had quite a lot going on. But needed to eat before Yoga at 6 PM.

  • I still need to work on getting my gut biome in top working condition. Slept incredibly well that night without a belly full of food. I'm going to have to eliminate potatoes as they are too heavy on the digestive tract.

  • Felt a little weird after this full moon, with lots of shadow elements coming up. Not 100% sure its related.

November 4th

  • New Moon in Scorpio.

  • Lots of past emotional data came up for transmutation.

  • Fast started after a finished meal of steamed vegetables at 4:00 PM on the fourth. Finished with a glass of structured water at 4 PM on the fifth, followed by an Alchemy product (Sri Yantra), followed by steamed vegetables at 6 PM.

  • After the 20 hours mark, things got really intense. I might shorten it to a 20 hour fast in the future. Or abandon it as soon as things start to get gnarly.

  • Ironically and paradoxically, my success was my failure. The fast should have been abandoned 3 hours earlier when my body and mind started showing serious signs of strain. But I 'had to' be consistent with my previous goal of 24 hours. Letting that go......NOW.

  • On the flip side, need to congratulate myself for pushing through and doing my first 24 hour dry fast.

  • I also went for a yoga session which could have made it a little more difficult, as it conceivably took up more 💦 water.

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