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6 Days Of Reptilian Possession - Don't Mess With The Dracos!

So, I’m writing this post as a means of self analysis, but also as a way to get certain information out to the public mind for collective safety and wisdom. It’s going to detail how the Reptile got in for full possession, and what it felt like.

When I arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I was given Divine Signs in relation to working in child education. This is a part of my Soul's journey, with 4 planets (including Sun and Moon) in Cancer. The signs were unavoidable, to the point where people rang my doorbell looking for money for school bags and surgeries for their children, which they could not afford.

This is where things went badly, badly awry. There is always a choice between positive and negative functions, each moment. I started to place too much emphasis on the financial aspect of things, believing that the manifestation of large sums of money could do much planetary good, instead of focusing on good will and Christ Consciousness.

BIG MISTAKE. This thought-form is Draco land. These guys basically invented money. This was the thought-form that initially invited the Reptilian into my being, and a foul creature it is indeed. Of course, I did not know it had entered, believing I was still on the Divine Path. Dracos, by the way, support business people and financial endeavors. But they actively target Ashrams, looking for openings. Because such Ashrams spread love and light which destroys their food supply. Now, it had an opening.

The Reptilian bided it's time, making itself comfortable. On the 22nd August, 2022, it installed an implant in me during meditation. I was literally ‘charged’ with energy and needed to share my ‘views’ with the world. I can only describe it as full blown daemonic possession. So I took to the Ashram I was a part of, with a vibrant online community, and started spreading some very vile posts. The aim of these posts was to get certain Members of the Ashram to believe they had been victimized or silenced in some way, thus creating discord within the community. On a more positive note, the Ashram showed powerful resilience towards the attack.

Understanding The Reptile - Harsh And Direct Teachers

The Reptilian is quite clever in that it understands human psychology. But the tactics it uses are always the same. Get one group to feel victimized and oppressed, so they start to fight with one another, taking all the emphasis away from the real thorn. It also administered a drug to me, ‘etherically’. I don’t know what other way to describe it, like it was administered in waves somehow. I was not sleeping, was not eating, and was sweating profusely. Utterly zombified. It had to make the environment (my mind-body) hospitable for itself.

I was actually not really there at all, just hypnotized into posting, operating under a delusion that the Ashram was somehow evil. I felt drained, but this was because of my ‘mission’ to reveal truths about the Ashram. The Draco even seemed to have the capability to reach out into a soul reader and others I was working with, and I got encouraged that “your guides are coming in to assist you in your creative work”.

I went from never posting at all to posting about 12,000 words within 6 days. The Reptile had ‘root level’ access to my being, including past lives, skills, ego complexes, strengths and weaknesses, clairsenses, etc. It jacked itself into my central nervous system and had quite a time. It used all resources to full advantage.

The mentality of the Draco was “Hmmm. This one has good Creative Writing Skills. This could be useful” and “Hmmm. Connected to Astral Realms and Galactic Sources. Potential to pretend to channel from certain figures” and “This one is actually connected to Archangel Michael. This information would confuse others and also help to deceive the host”.

The manipulation tactic is always the same. Emotionally manipulate people into doing stupid things, and accuse the other side of the exact thing that you are doing. Mix in some things that are true, but in such a way to get people to perform a detrimental act. This is exactly what happens in wider society (where the Dracos possess a large amount of public figures). Use something that it true, such as climate change, but implement policies in such a manner that you invade peoples' privacy and reduce their quality of life. Every single government policy works like this.

The Reptile also tried to induce a sense of bonding between the host and other ‘victimized’ figures within the Ashram. When a number of people identify with each other, they will leap to each other’s defense. Nothing unites people as quickly as a common ‘enemy’. An enemy has to be cooked up in order to get people to think they were victimized so they would, in turn, fight against one another.

Effectively, they were 'egged on' to create their own demons, never existing prior to Reptilian entry. This is exactly what happened with the C19 event, where the minds of the human species were guided to manifests a virus for themselves with fear and terror. Get them fearful, and give them an enemy. They themselves will do all of the rest.

It all culminated in an online exorcism, of sorts. Two members of the Ashram repeatedly triggered words very directly into my consciousness in the online video discussion. And I Am forever grateful to these two Warriors of Light, now eager to "pass it along" and help others in the same manner that they helped me. Such healing events have a snowball effect.

One of the members was more ‘aggressive’ in nature, calling me a Crystal Meth addict and saying that I had a Rot in my Being. It would seem quite harsh to an outside observer, though it was the perfect antidote and very true, though nothing to do with my actual Being! The Draco did not care in the slightest with any comments directed its way, while it was managing my body. It is complete Scourge of the Earth. It calmly notes the levels of suffering induced with detached amusement. “Ah, this manipulation tactic works very well against this one” and “ah, this statement induces a higher level of pain and suffering”. It does not have any emotions. While it was in possession of my body, I was immune to criticism of all kinds. It shut down my Heart Chakra with its Reptilian Rot overlay.

Shortly after the call, I came back into my body, and felt quite appalled at what had happened. I won’t go into the feelings. I wrote an apology and left the Ashram. Afterwards, the Ashram Administrator was kind enough to give an Impersonal Astrological account using my Gene Keys and the Horoscope, which were tremendously helpful.

Multidimensional Meanings

So, this was quite a multidimensional occurrence. I was fully possessed by a Reptilian walk-in for about 6 days. It gained access initially due to a spiritual glamor. It caused so much damage to the Ashram with its Scourge, accusing members of ridiculous nonsense. Aside from the damage and absolute waste of time (a couple of members left due to the postings), there were certain benefits.

  1. First, the Reptilian was representative of certain things that were going on in the Ashram. It brought things ‘to the surface’, though in the worst and most exaggerated manner possible. It was the ultimate Shadow manifestation, for the old to be viewed and purged.

  2. Second, the Reptilian was something of a case study in Archronic Deception. It used all of the continual Draco tactics we have seen so much of in the third dimension with governments and the institutions they own. This is important for this particular Ashram as it will be dealing with Dracos quite a lot in the near future. As will we all.

  3. Third, the Reptilian will strengthen the Ashram as the members will look at things and will band together more cohesively. While it is true that my being must have attracted Draco, on a collective level the Ashram itself must also have attractive this event. As Above, So Below. Some members of the Ashram think there was a ‘rotten egg’ that is now gone. This is shadow bypassing. More events will take place, forever, until undercurrents are assessed.

  4. Fourth, it served to shake members who were not fully committed to the Ashram. I was always separate from the Ashram and never fully gelled.

  5. Fifth, and more importantly. It became an exercise in Unconditional Love and Forgiveness, as well as Non-Judgement. This is by far the most important lesson. Most of the Ashram members forgave me immediately. This allowed me to forgive a lot of others in my life (I can’t really blame my aunt for her political opinions while I bring an extra-dimensional Reptilian Vampire into an Ashram). I can now forgive unconditionally. All answers to what happened have been found in the Christ Letters, the more important reading for any New Earth Inhabitant. My attention is now focused on Christ Consciousness, not exoteric activities.

On a personal level, the event did have its benefits, as I observed my glamorous and egotistical tendencies. Everything came out in the catharsis, even though it was a pretty humiliating experience. The vile filth of that reptile in my being, hijacking my consciousness to spread filth in the Ashram using my talents. There was nothing sacred or holy about it. But it would be equally tragic not to learn from this.

The biggest complex by far that I noticed within myself is the rebel/freedom fighter energetics. Because I now know ABSOLUTELY that you cannot fight materiality with materiality. The only way to kill a Draco is to embrace Christ Consciousness and Unconditional Love.

The only way for this planet to survive is to embrace Christ Consciousness and Unconditional Love.

Not structures or systems. Embrace Christ Consciousness now. Stop all of the distractions. So the rape of my mind-body did serve a purpose where I have been catapulted into Christ Consciousness and planetary healing, as quickly as possible. The world is a magical place and there is nothing wrong with it. It also has me looking into doing active healing work.

My spiritual growth has been propelled in a manner that would otherwise never have happened. It's also going to make me a much more powerful healer, as I know that shame and guilt are ridiculous vibrations and highly unnecessary, despite the fact that many think I should 'suffer' for my actions. That's a human judgment. Humans are simply meant to assist and forgive, not to judge and condemn.

While the Reptile was arguing with another Ashram member, it was stated that I would have decades of karmic service to pay back for the damage I caused. This is not true, or true only in part.

  1. First, I did intuitively join another Ashram a month before (it was somewhat foreordained).

  2. Second, it helped the Ashram indirectly, though it could have been done much more gracefully if adaptations had been made. It had to happen for growth, and it will prepare Ashram for what is coming.

  3. Third, God does not judge and there are many ways to ameliorate karma. The meaning of Daniel, in Hebrew, is "God is My Judge"

  4. Fourth, I was not actually there. No free will was involved as it was a full takeover, and I was not myself (though the initial glamor has to be accounted for). In short, there will be karmic adaptations, but nobody is going to hell or condemned forever.

  5. Fifth, the Reptilian takeover was a form of multidimensional training for me. The best way to understand mind control and what people are going through is by going through it. I never understood many human tendencies and where the suffering on this planet came from, nor the best way to deal with it. I have now felt it, viscerally. A rot exists, Christ Consciousness being the only cure.

From a personal planetary perspective, this all happened due to a Pluto Natal/Sun transit (once in lifetime) which is a First Ray initiation teacher. A time of catharsis to shed old skins (literally, in terms of the Reptilian sheath). Also undergoing a Chiron Transit (Square to Natal Chiron) which is difficult to navigate. Images attached below. Chiron links into the Soul. The main takeaway on a personal level is to put life in order so it reflects True Self, and this includes an honest appraisal of glamor/maya/delusion. From the Progression Chart, there was a Trine between The Moon, Neptune, and Sedna at the time of Catharsis. The Moon at 12 Degree sVirgo, from a GK perspective moving from Confusion to Imagination to Illumination (GK 64).

Finally, it has to be kept in mind that the Draco should not have been let in to my Being, which is a rookie mistake, and I take full responsibility. You have to be careful with the ‘Everything happens in Divine Order” thing because that can also be a tool for bypassing. Things you don’t learn from repeat themselves, so I Am certainly taking note of this.

I’m not hanging around in the Shame or Guilt vibration, those are not Christ Consciousness. But I’m learning all that I can to eliminate errors so that this never happens again. Because make no mistake, there is nothing Divine about Reptilian Scourge. They are absolutely and utterly foul creatures, but are far more mentally powerful than humans.

On a mental level, their power is absolute. When one embraces the Heart, they are as tiny little lizard creatures, unable to evolve and thus being sent lovingly back to the void for transmutation in their current formatting, which has served its purpose and no longer has a place in Gods Plan and 5D Gaia.

Be careful of your thoughts, stay in your heart, and connect regularly with Higher Powers, especially the I AM Presence.

This will purge the Dracos for once and forever. And yes, these guys are going extinct ;)

EDIT: - Major Realization. After the Reptile invasion, I ended up removing the Sacral Chakra implant that has been in my stomach for 32 years. I started reading the Christ Letters and understood more clearly Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness. I understood why people turned to drugs and emotional eating. It propelled me towards different kinds of healing and I created a healing page. I also understood mind control and brainwashing in much more depth, and got a true understanding of Reptilian Scourge Vampire Creatures. Quite the learning curve! I undertook a Chakra Removal, Blue Star Reiki Healing, Bioresonance Parasite Cleanse, and worked with other healers for different perspectives.

I learned what the Immaculate Conception really is. No matter how many times a person has offended you, you have to see the Immaculate Conception of them. See their Highest Version, and the Highest Version is what you get back.

I learned that it is far better to use your resources than to give in to ‘karmic fate’. You can use your will and action to ameliorate negative karma by 50 - 90%, or you can give in and speed it up by 300%. This is why St. Germaine stated that more people have been killed by Astrology than any other factor. If you believe what somebody says, you attract it. Of all the planets, the Mind is the most important one, and also the closest!

I learned to be more in the body and to keep my attention in my stomach, the power center. I also learned the joy of communication and genuine expression, as well as presence as an alternative to verbal communication.

In other words - the Reptile brought me to LIFE. It really is a teacher.

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