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A Deeper Look At Value

It took me no small number of years to understand the concept of value. I was always interested in the ideas of time and money, inflation rates, the gold standard, cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and digital art. Still am.

Over time, it all eroded. First, I understood that it’s all about beliefs. It was easier for me to earn $70 per thousand words than $12 per thousand words, by a huge margin. The clients expected less and the energetics surrounding the money transfer were more joyful. There’s little to no penny pinching when it comes to higher pay. Quoting too low is the main danger as you won't get respect.

But it went further. Value is indeed simply due to the belief of the beholder. There’s no such thing as ‘intrinsic value’, or a fair evaluation of a good or service. The planet has enough food and materials for everybody. By a factor of about 1 Billion. We’re just playing around with our egos down here in terms of value beyond the essentials. The human body can also survive on a tiny amount of food and the planet is just a giant database of infinite food and materials, that we use hyper-inefficiently anyway.

I’ve recently got a download about value, in relation to my writings. Everything comes back to how you feel and how you make your customers feel. The entire material universe was actually created out of the love vibration mixed with sacred geometry (and millions of other things, but let's not get beyond ourselves).

By providing a ‘thing’ that makes a person feel a certain way, you are providing them with value. The only form of value that exists. So works of Art or pure Creativity are actually worth quite a lot of money as they provide the only real form of value.

Humans have been fooling themselves for so long with their marketplace ideologies. If you’re trading for profit, then you can look into them. But there is a far higher form of value and it has nothing to do with crunching numbers or beating the marketplace.

Ultimately, your feelings are a frequency and you can only create from a certain frequency. If you’re an Artist you need Art to inspire you. Same if you're a martial artist, an actor, or even a banker or farmer. You can’t work properly if you’re depressed. You need to feel a certain way to produce a certain result.

The greatest gift you can give to people is how you make them feel. This is why songwriters, actors, musicians and writers occupy such a special place and get paid quite a lot for their contributions. Bankers and politicians get paid a lot too, but that's mainly due to the fact that we live in a corrupted environment with people that are brainwashed into paying extortionate taxes for no real reason.

Not to get too deep with all of this, even though it is a deep but simple message. Your ability to make people feel a certain way denotes your ‘market’ value. Because the emotions you feel are basically your life. And on a more subtle level, your vibration is your life, emotions being a more powerful and sporadic form of vibration.

Do what makes you feel great, pass on those vibrations to others, and don’t feel bad about earning colossal amounts of money.

When you truly understand that value is a function of good vibrations, you’ll feel great about earning lots of cash.

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