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A Perfect Morning Reaffirmed

I write as much to reaffirm important messages to myself as well as to convey information to other people. Which is why I’m rewriting the importance of an early morning ritual. And not just any early morning ritual - the best that you can manage. After starting off with my first perfect morning in over 2 weeks, I have become acutely aware of the important of rhythm, routine, and a good morning. 

To keep it simple:

  1. Wake as early as comfortable.

  2. Shower and evacuate. 

  3. Meditate.

  4. Fruit and copper water. 

  5. Walk.

  6. Gratitude Journal.

Each of steps is essential, though the order can be changed as you see fit. 

Waking later than 9 AM is a waste of a day. The energy is simply not optimal. A deep meditation cannot be missed. Fruit and copper water is the best way to start the day, also staving off larger meals until more appropriate hours (a large breakfast in the morning is a big mistake).

The walk is more for mental well being than for exercies. Finally, the gratitude journal serves to start the day off on a really positive setting. 

The entire point of the morning ritual is to take care of your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing first. You are pushing away your 'obligations' for as long as possible. So when you finally turn your eyes towards them, they can be completed effortlessly, not hurriedly. 

Does all of this seem a little neurotic? Over the top? Well, it’s not. If you default to waking to an alarm, checking your email, grabbing a bite, and rushing to work, you are doing yourself a major disservice. 

The tone for your morning is rushed. The tone for your day is rushed. Which means the tone of your week, month, year, decade, and existence is rushed. You need to take some NOW moments back for yourself, which will create an opening for a bigger NOW moment, if you let it. 

Take back your morning. It will change your life, if you follow through consistently.

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