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About The Enlightenment Precepts

The foundational precepts of enlightenment are a verbal and energetic transmission of what could be termed ‘expansion’. Many people are coming to these knowings intuitively but it’s best to have them described in detail to prevent any misunderstanding and to help certain individuals along. It does help to crystallize ideas in words, as this is what the physical dimension is all about.

These precepts focus mainly on the metal body of awareness, which is critical given the level of negative programming that the human species has been subjugated to. The mental understanding will gradually result in an easing of emotional and physical ills.

Erroneous thinking will always result in issues ‘down the line’ (in the emotional and mental body). But by correcting erroneous thinking at the top, the rest of the facility will function quite smoothly.

Clearly, this is not a ‘path’ or ‘road’ to enlightenment, as there is no such thing.

It does describe the basic understanding an enlightened person might have about the 3D world and its functioning.

Have fun.

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