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Alchemy and Monatomics: Supernutrition in the Golden Age

I’ve always been interested in nutrition as a means to advance consciousness. I’ve tried a huge range of things including nootropics, alternative diets, fasting, bulletproof coffee, vitamins, supplements, herbs, adaptogens, mind altering substances, and usually well before these things become mainstream.

For me, if something is mainstream, it's usually because it's false and ineffective, like school or medicine. Still, the results I had with these (at the time) alternative technologies were temporary and did not give me the long lasting and sustained benefits I was looking for. Something was always missing. I gave up on the idea that a physical product could ever have much of an impact.

That has all changed: 100%. I’m now on a new turn of the evolutionary spiral, with products that reach down to the atomic and subatomic level. And it’s working. This is the most astounding part. After taking hundreds of alternative remedies, I’ve never tried something that works like this. And I’m going to examine why.

Why does it work? How does it work? I’m not an expert in monatomics. I’m just a regular super clairsentient that discerns reality through feeling and intuition. And I’m blown away by Alchemy and Monatomics. It’s not Magnesium or Vitamin C or Vitamin D, which are claimed to be ultra important but don’t seem to do all that much, really. This is an entirely different beast that will transform your reality.

It’s a new form of super nutrition. Most people eat too much food. The reason they do this, aside from societal programming, is to alter their vibration so they feel good. Nothing really wrong with this, of course. We all want positive frequencies. It’s just that there are now means of getting good vibration without eating an entire box of GMO chicken for temporary relief.

Products like Monatomic Gold and Monatomic Platinum are essentially distilled rays of Gold/Platinum. You get those vibes, without having to put your intestinal tract through the clumsy process of digesting the food and converting it into etheric energy. you also don't have to deal with the toxic byproducts. It’s a win-win.

After trying twelve 21-day juice fasts to attain the Divine Amrita, and failing, I wondered where I was going wrong. This is the element I was missing. It’s super nutrition and it's going to completely change things over the next ~20 years on the planet. If you’re lucky enough to be reading this, take advantage now.

This is the one and only place you should consider getting your alchemy products. Don’t buy Ormus (Monatomic Gold) from anywhere else. I’m not affiliated. I’ve just tried these products, they work tremendously well, and buying bogus products could turn you off what is a Golden Ticket. You might find real products elsewhere, but you’ll definitely find them here.

The site is known as Blue Emerald Alchemy. You can also order from branches in the UK and Europe.

It’s what you’ve been searching for.

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