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All In A Days Work: The Electro-Magnetic Universe

It has taken me a long time to realize what it means to say that all phenomena is preceded by its vibrational equivalent. In other words, you can simply sit and vibrate what you need and it will be brought to your feet. 

Managing this vibration does require some fine tuning and goes on forever, but that is how it works. When you have it, you have it. The issue lies in getting rid of unconscious belief patterns surrounding work and justification. 

I would start my day relatively effortlessly, with a meditation and a slow breakfast. But I was still mindful that I would need to get the ‘most important’ items started by 9AM or 10AM. These nagging beliefs of having to work for capital still followed me, despite having various satoris about the topic. 

In other words, I ‘kind of’ got it. It was not until quite recently that I started to put feelings and vibrations not merely first, but as the entire thing. My work is measured in terms of how accurately I can emulate a certain frequency. When I emulate the frequency, the manifestation has to follow. It is an Electro-Magnetic Universe. 

So I push back computer time as much as possible in the morning, which happens to be most people’s favorite time anyway (why would anybody choose to do unpleasant tasks first thing in the morning?). The trend is a long sleep, shower, meditation, walk, Esther Hicks, gratitude journal, breakfast (the last 3 can occur at the same time).

I then start at computer work with its harmful side effects on my Celestial Electro-Magnetic field (Aura). I don't spend longer than 5 hours per day on computer and take frequent walks and breaks. I don’t really work any more, and pay little attention to time in the digital sense. 

So, you could say that I’ve got it nailed, right? 

Well, yes and no. We are continually oscillating between higher and lower frequencies, or crystalline/clear vs murky/clouded frequencies. Have you ever seen/felt things so clearly that you just knew 100% it was true? Well, it was only true because you were vibrating at a certain Electro-Magnetic Frequency. When your consciousness devolves due to the mess of the Third Dimension, the issue was no longer clear, because your vibration was no longer clear. This is why you get so many insights and revelations, and then plummet straight back to square one. Every. Single. Day. 

The most simple example I can give is the gym. Before the gym, you feel that you don’t want to go and that there is no point. After the gym, you feel as if you would like to go daily for the next 5 years. Before gym, low vibration. After gym, high vibration. This trend repeats in every single practice you can think of. In all spiritual practices, you are changing your Electro-Magnetic Frequency in some manner. Repetition helps to sustain the vibration. 

In a Work context, get your morning correct by sleeping in, luxuriating in bed, meditating, taking a walk, and having a good breakfast. When you feel amazing, then it is time to get to work, where you can release your most creative content.

God wants you to delight in your morning hours and take it easy, you know. You are the one that feels you need to justify your happiness all the time by working for it. 'Earning' a living. What a preposterous concept.

This is you putting yourself first. You are putting spirit over form, mind over matter, self over society. It has useful symbolic and even better practical value when it comes to joy and satisfaction. 

Ultimately, you will be pushing back your workday until the idea of work simply fades away. 

Welcome home. 

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