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All Spiritual Practices Are The Same

The path to Ascension, Christhood, Enlightenment, are all actually the same. There appears to be many paths, but they all have the same attributes. The first is acknowledgement of the insignificance of the I, the small self, the mind. Not that it is wrong, just very limited. The second is that you can connect to a higher divine power to remedy all of the defects.

So the formula is simple. You quieten the mind and emotions, and this allows the Higher Self/Divine Consciousness/God into your mind and emotions, purifying and transforming. You don’t even have to think or emote anymore, which is fantastic. You allow your body-mind to be filled with the body-mind of god instead of the toxic noise of society.

Basically, you allow God to do all of the work and you sit back and relax. He/She has the answer to everything, you just have to line up with it. The plain answer to every single spiritual teaching is that you quieten the mind and act intuitively, without thought. This is what happens in:

  • Reiki.

  • Yoga.

  • Martial Arts (all of them).

  • Painting.

  • Writing.

  • Channeling.

  • Invention.

  • Singing.

  • Acting.

  • Dancing.

  • Meditation (all of them - even with visualization, it's better to receive the visual than to visualize).

Your mind is something that receives Divine Impressions and then projects it outward. Due to the Draconian invasion which inverted everything, humans got the silly idea that they need to ‘figure’ things out with their minds, which is, of course, an impossibility. It’s not what the mind was designed for.

So all you have to do is get still and quiet, and listen to the impressions that you are given. You will then float pretty easily through life, because God does not recognize limitation or lack (that’s a human thing, related to human thoughts and emotions). When you act intuitively and heartfully, everything is taken care of.

Every great invention, from Bitcoin to the Telephone, occurred because a receptive mind was able to tune in to higher frequencies/God Consciousness and receive them. So no matter what you are doing, you are only doing one thing. Quieting the Mind and receiving a Divine Impression for individual and collective good.

You’ll also be having fun along the way, because Playfulness and Joy are intrinsic God attributes. Whenever you have an issue, you take it to the ‘Father’ for the best possible answer you can hear right now. Eventually, even these problems disappear as you will be in a continual flow state of communion with your Higher Self, due to your willingness to abandon the ego mind and listen to the Divine.

It’s easy, effortless, and intuitive.

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