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Christ, The Anarchist

There's quite a lot missing from the reported stories of Jesus (also known as Yeshua or Sananda), the Christed One. In fact, it's entirely plausible to say that the main elements of his teachings were not just forgotten but deliberately changed by the murderers of Christ, the priests. 

Yeshua, embodied as Jesus, drove the moneylenders out of the temple with divine Fire. He challenged the priests and gained much popularity. The priests at that time were only interested in ritual and dogma instead of spirit and essence. Jesus promoted the spirit and essence over ritual and dogma, saying that ‘God made Sabbath for the Man, not Man for the Sabbath’.

This, they did not like, as their power (based on deception, rules, and arbitrary procedures) was being removed from them. At the time, the priests were encouraging the population to give them money and they would confer blessings on them, gaining them entry to heaven. In contrast, Jesus dished out miracles for free, without any terms and conditions.

A fact missing from all Bible stories is that the Christ was an Anarchist. A Systems Buster. He denounced all of the systems at that time, which were almost as corrupt as the systems we have today. Because all of those systems, and the ones we have currently, are designed to siphon energy from the people who subscribe to them. He was as much a warrior as he was a saviour, a creator and destroyer both. This element of hard core Christianity is not highlighted due to widescale domestication of the general public. They are supposed to be nice, fragile, and politically correct, so they can be more easily manipulated.

Consider the distorted nature of the current Catholic Church. The fact that it was the church (Pharisees) that had Jesus murdered is overlooked. But it gets even worse. They then changed his teachings - ‘He died for your sins’. This is in direct opposition to what Jesus taught. He proclaimed. ‘All That I can do, ye can do too, if ye but believe’. 

The Christ set out to remove the Church and other corrupted systems. The Church killed the Christ (in physical terms). The Church changed his teachings. People go to Church in the name of Jesus, the Christed One. But when you go to church, in the most direct way, you are worshipping the murderers of the Christ. And society will make you feel ‘non-spiritual’ for not attending. Sound perverted? Or, at least, inverted? This is how all Dark systems operate, but twisting the truth 100%.

Jesus emphasized unconditional love and surrender to the Spirit. Not mindless obedience to depots and tyrants like the Catholic Church, Corporations, National Governments, and the Military Industrial Complex. In order for things to grow anew, things have to be razed to the ground. 

Those among you who understand the work of fiery purification will see the coming changes for what they are - beautiful and necessary fevers before Gaia and her human guests can eliminate the parasites and Heal, once and for all.  It's what Jesus always wanted.

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