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Claircognizance - The Most Important Clairsense

Claircognizance is the primary clairsense. Claircognizance stands for automatic knowing. And this knowing does not occur through an interpretation or a deduction of any kind. It does not occur through an organ. You could say that claircognizance is what you get when you have used the other senses. It is a knowing within the body-mind.

It’s the fastest clair and the one most directly linked to God, basically. You could say that this clair manifests in the cells of the body, and the body does not lie. The other clairs tend to be a little ‘further out’, and you have to deduce and interpret a little more. A symbol has to be interpreted (clairvoyance), and voices can easily be misinterpreted (clairaudience). Taste (clairgustance) is better in this regard, as is smell (clairalience). Most people are said to incarnate with 2 primary clairsenses.

In the majority of instances, people will learn the other clairs and then develop claircognizance more fully. But I incarnated with lightning fast claircognizance and very powerful clairsentience. I’m actually learning now to slow down and develop the other clairs. This will help me to enjoy life more instead of just automatically knowing the truth of many things.

There are many questions that don't really lend themselves to a claircognizance answer. The other clairs can help to map things out in a little more detail. And they can actually enrich life, something I have been badly missing. Being connected and having strong ties to the truth does not automatically translate to fulfilled and happy.

My claircognizance tells me where to go and what to do all the time. If I’m wondering where to go next, I’ll literally be led to a sign to Costa Rica in very synchronistic ways. It's great knowing where I need to go, how long to spend there, and what to do. But the other clairs can help to map out a more colourful picture, of emotions and communications, and will assist in enjoying the present moment in more detail. Development of the clairs will also have many beneficial effects on the mind, as it changes how reality is not only perceived but inpreted. You could even say it assists in helping people to touch, taste, see, hear, feel and smell in a different dimension of consciousness. Pretty cool, no?

The best thing to do is get a professional reading to see what clairs you have developed and which ones are best for you to work with.

It’s a fascinating area. I know you’ll enjoy the experience.

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