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Conceptualization Creates

This is a very far out topic that is hard for the mind to grasp. Usually, people come to this realization through the application of psychedelic substances. 

Basically, ‘Conceptualization Creates’ means that nothing exists outside of your Conceptualization of it. Even if a person/place/item has its own individual existence independent of your thoughts about it, it does not exist for you until you Conceptualize with it and interact with it. 

It’s a bit like when channels communicate with Galactics or Arc Angels. The Galactics/Arc Angels are typically in a mindless void, a unified consciousness without thought or concepts. Then, an individualized unit of consciousness (such as you) desires a piece of information and seeks to connect.  

The formless void (which can be Conceptualized as smoke or clouds or playdough) then individualizes/solidifies/forms itself in response to your energy and query. It takes on an individualized role with concepts and memory for the purposes of your evolution. 

This is also what happens to you when you wake up from sleep. You were part of a mindless void in deep sleep. Then you individuated outwards with an astral body (more dense and solid) in the dream state. Then your egoic memories were reuploaded when you starting to wake from sleep in the dense, physical body.

It also happens in meditation - some meditators become part of this formless void for a few minutes. Thoughts stop. Soon, thoughts reappear, along with the individual/egoic identity. 

The Individual/Egoic Personage Did Not Exist While The Meditator Was In The Void - It Is Thoughts/Memories That Create The Ego/Individual Consciousness 

It might be useful to think of all entities above 5D as being part of the 'ONE'. No polarity exists above this 5D level, and Source energy individuates to your question and energy in a manner that is most suitable at that particular space-time (Angelic, Zeta, Annunaki, Sirian, Pleiadian, etc). Keep in mind that this does not mean that other reality constructs that contradict this are irrelevant. You can think of all entities above 5D as being part of the one and also as individual units of various dimensions. 

Holding two paradoxical and opposite concepts at once is a sure sign of extreme self-development and a fluid mind.

It removes you from duality/polarity consciousness and you can simply choose which one is more appropriate in any given moment. Indeed, you can hold untold numbers of reality frameworks. And they don’t have to integrate with each other!

But I’ve wandered a little off track. Things only appear in your reality, or ‘exist’, when you are a vibrational match to them or when you are attuned to them, or when you think/imagine/conceptualize them. Think about all of the data that surrounds you right now. And you can only tune into an infinitesimally small amount of it. As your ability to Conceptualize and Integrate new ideas rises, however, new entities, constructs, and ideas will present themselves to you. 

So it is useful to expand the mind, which has nothing to do with learning logic or going through the human education system. Expanding the mind means becoming a fluid/malleable thinker that is open to new ideas. The human education system rigidifies the mind so only a small range of ideas are acceptable. It also makes individual minds more susceptible to brainwashing, as they no longer have any independent thought processes.

Psychedelics can be useful every 3 to 4 months as a means of broadening your horizons so that your ability to Imagine and Conceptualize (identical) is increased. When the mind is significantly expanded, Angelics and Galactics will start communicating, perhaps even on the physical level. 

In sum, your ability to Conceptualize is useful and powerful. But you need to expand your skill set in this area with the reading of good, mind-enhancing blogs and books. Meditation, yoga, and other practices are also useful at indirectly expanding the mind.

The human academic textbooks are garbage. Anything to do with logic, reason, or science (in the way it is encouraged by 21st-century humans) is anathema to your progress. 

Expand, contract, and expand again. 

Slowly, and inexorably, wins the race. 

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