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Conversations With A Coconut Tree

So, being between meaningless 3D work (spreadsheets and the like), I decided to relax in a garden and let all of the nonsense melt away. While taking a computer break, I tuned into a nearby coconut tree to see what I could learn.

Most of what I learned could be easily deduced through observation and a clear mind. The Coconut tree is hyper-efficient, with no frills attached. It grows straight with no branches, just at the top to catch sunlight. It takes up little space and Sunshine is its main nutrient.

Coconuts are the ultimate food. You can live entirely on the coconut, by drinking its divine manna (water) in the morning. The meat of the coconut can be turned into coconut yogurt, for a complete afternoon snack.

In other words, it is completely self-sustaining and simple. Going on a coconut diet for 3 - 7 days can help you to live simply and become completely self-sustaining, removing all mental and emotional garbage very rapidly. As you eat the fruit of the coconut tree, you also eat its knowledge and essence.

You can know a thing by its fruit, the same way you know a writer by his writings and a musician by his music. Nothing needs to be added to the coconut, the same way that nothing needs to be added to a Soul. We just need to peel away the nonsense.

My question was why I was not so fulfilled in the meaningless 3D work. The answer was that the meaningless 3D work is extraneous to my essence - the more I try to do something to give myself meaning, the less happy I will be. Happiness is mainly a function of letting go and elimination - Violet Flame anyone?

A return to simplicity is all that is required, a cutting away and not an adding on. The Coconut tree and its fruits are a wonderful teaching in this regard. I do subconsciously long for this life of simplicity, with past lives closely associated with this tree. The Oceans, Sand, Temple, and Coconut.

I also asked the tree why I could not tune into it fully or really get a thrill from its essence. The response I got was benevolent, and somewhat typical. My ‘cup’ was full of spreadsheets and I had drank 2 cups of coffee. How could I sample something fully when I was already full?

I could only know the coconut tree (or any teaching, spirit, philosophy, food, person, etc) when I was first emptied of all preconceptions. I was also gently reminded that the best things take time, space, and patience. Again, such a simple teaching, but so very powerful and direct. So simple and obvious that I would never think of it.

You cannot fully enjoy anything unless you have space to enjoy it.

When you are too full, there is no room for anything else.

Empty the mind and live simply in the NOW. All else is taken care of.

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