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COVID 1984: A Blessing in Disguise

Many of those on the spiritual path are infuriated at the planetary takeover due to COVID 1984, where citizens are forced to wear masks and socially isolate based on Imaginary science. But the truth is that COVID 1984 is the best thing to happen to the planet, with the possible exception of Donald Trump.

In meditation circles, the keyword is ‘Subtle’. Spiritual evolution denotes an association with subtle elements. You become more subtle to energy in its various forms, whether it is propaganda from the television, Electro-Magnetic irradiation, the 5 elements, Food, the Auric Field, and pretty much everything else. 

Of course, in terms of brainwashing a population and controlling citizens, the keyword is also ‘Subtle’. You can convince a human to do anything, as long as you are patient enough. The humans are molested at airports in the interest of national security. They pay taxes to a government they despise. The water is flouridated. They have to obtain planning permission to create a house. The need permission to enter a different country. Their technological devices are used to spy on them. 

As bizarre and anti-life as all of these are, they are perceived as natural due to the fact that they have been implemented over such a long timeframe. The mainstream media continually reiterates certain hypnotic patterns that slowly but inevitably justify these malicious intrusions in everyday life. As subtle as it is, the bottom line is always that you need these instructions for protection, because you cannot protect yourself from the ‘enemy’. 

Given enough time, human privacy and integrity would have been continually infringed upon, slowly but surely. Ultimately, children would have been raised by different parents. The nuclear family upon which a healthy society was build would then be eradicated. This has already started now, as gender is a ‘choice’, apparently. 

You might be one of those that laugh at this now. But, believe me, programming can be very persistent if you have not developed mental barriers and have a strong meditation practice. By default, if your friends and family are constantly parotting the latest ‘study’, you will become brainwashed by association. The mind absorbs unless you are aware enough to spot the inconsistencies. After all, the whole world is wearing masks and socially isolating themselves, for no logical reason.

And so, many are under the illusion that the world is doomed and that the Deep State will win out. But this is not actually the case. COVID 1984 was one of the clumsiest implementations of the Deep State so far. What usually happens is that an initiative is implemented, a few people spot it, and the Deep State uses its resources to paint these figures as quacks (David Icke, etc). 

But because the COVID 1984 propaganda campaign was so overt, rushed, and non-subtle, millions of people are outraged. People who would never normally give a ‘conspiracy’ theory a second thought. The fact is that the controllers are under pressure to manufacture crises quickly, given the awakening process.

And in order to dominate a planet, you’d better be sure to play a long game so you can fully brainwash the population so they give consent for your invasion. They need to get consent. Read George Orwells 1984 if you want more information on brainwashing and consent. The populace has to agree to their bastardization. Ever wonder why your signature is needed for every little thing?

COVID 1984 is alerting the population to the fact that the planet is ruled by psychopaths intent on power and domination. It is good that they are doing this so obviously. If they were more subtle in their approach, the wider population would not even now about it. Slowly, inevitably, we would drift towards more 6G and on, increased taxes, more fluoride, more sugar, more propaganda, more materialism, more ‘education’, more debt, more technology, and on towards a completely dystopian society. 

The reality is that we needed COVID 1984 so we could wake up and finally oust the reptiles from their lairs. Things needed to get worse before they got better. The great irony of it all is that things were at their worse when they seemed at their best. Now that things are collapsing around us, it is time for celebration. 

When you understand what is meant by the Golden Age, you will be very much appreciative of the COVID 1984 assisted planetary collapse. 

Next, its time to rebuild.

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