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COVID Washing By Occupation

There is a definite link between occupation and brainwashing. Some groups are far more susceptible than others, by virtue of the environment they were born into and what they do for a living. The major category of those affected by COVID propaganda (‘Covaganda’) include:

  1. Government workers.

  2. Medical professionals.

  3. Teachers.

Teachers are a class of their own. And there are a number of reasons why this particular group has been singled out. First, like all government workers, they get paid by the government. This is a strong subconscious bias. A corrupt government would also potentially imply a corrupted education system, so they have a vested interest in looking the other way. Second, is that those working with children need to embody a frequency of harmony and balance. ‘Every is fine’ regardless of the fact that everything is not fine. This is NOT the frequency the planet needs when the Government is attacking the population mercilessly. Third, is that the education system itself revolves around conformity and listening to those higher than you. It is designed to mould ‘good citizens’ who ‘fit in’ to society. As such, it attracts the types who believe that conforming to society is the highest possible aspiration. When it is, in fact, the lowest. 

Medical professionals are susceptible to the COVID brainwashing virus for similar reasons. Obviously, they have a vested interest in the germ theory, studying it in-depth. Which is ironic given that scientists are unable to isolate the imaginary COVID virus, yet vaccines are being created for it. In other words, on the most tangible, concrete, scientific level, COVID does not exist. This has not deterred the mad media or the mad scientists. Medicine is largely centered around the proliferation of disease as opposed to simply fostering health, so a Virus actually has a lot of appeal to the egos of the people that work in such paradigms. 

The people who are immune to COVID washing include spiritual adepts, enlightened/self-realized individuals, entrepreneurs, indigenous peoples, certain types of small business owners, and soldiers. In other words, anyone whose job it is to view reality exactly as it is, not how another person says it is. 

There is no little difference between now and the pre-Covaganda era, aside from the fact that millions of humans are washing their hands and wearing masks for no reason whatsoever. Learning to be afraid of one another due to an imaginary virus, needing to ‘socially isolate’ -  in the history of the planet, there has bever been a more overt example of brainwashing. And, sadly, there has never been a species as weak and gullible as the current crop of humans. 

Yet there is far more to COVID washing than occupation. Anybody who understands that thoughts precede matter (i.e. anybody involved in actual spiritual/metaphysical work) will know that COVID has been manufactured on a television screen. 

Another variable is location. In countries like Mexico and Thailand, the people are far more resistant to brainwashing. First, they don’t trust their government (a remarkably healthy state of operation). Second, they tend to be a little more grounded and concerned with real things (as opposed to those of the West, who are disconnected and more materialistic). Third, is that the Deep State does not really have as strong a presence there. Brainwashing occurs through the television, and most third world citizens do not have an active interest in human nonsense known as the ‘News’. The aim is to brainwash the masses in the richest countries, and the ones without money have no power anyway. It’s not as if they will ever have a voice on television or in print media. Those are all owned. 

And so, put simply, the level of Covaganda intensity is proportional to the empowerment of the individual soul. If you believe reality happens outside of self, then yes, indeed, you are poorly positioned. Because the Deep State are certainly not manufacturing you a reality with butterflies and unicorns. The mass media lowers your vibration 100% of the time. Whenever you tune into it, you are literally downloading Fear into the cells of your body, under the guise of ‘keeping informed’. 

If you understand that you create your own reality and that the TV paints an artificial hypnosis picture, then you’re in far better shape. Meditate, take a walk, and connect with like minded individuals. You cannot really help those who voluntarily accept a manufactured version of reality. They are on a distinct journey, and reincarnation is there for a reason.  

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