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Creative Catharsis - The Proliferation of Copycatism

It took me a long time in this incarnation to understand certain things about this 3D space-time continuum. My first sojourn into the creative catharsis was in legal school. I can only look back fondly at my own naivete. 

I had assumed that the scholars and legal profession at large would be looking for creative types and new perspectives on existing legal principles. Creation, invention, improvement. It was not until my third year that the proverbial penny finally dropped. And it dropped many times after that. I went into the business of writing legal essays for other people. At one stage, a tutor recommended taking out one case. I complied. My adorable client then took the essay back to another tutor who told her to put it back in. 

I was beginning to understand that the tutors and legal professionals, did not understand. 

Why would an attorney ever want anything to change? Why would a legal professor, who gets paid to perpetuate the existing system of legal subjugation, advocate for a radical shift in the status quo? Whether the biases are conscious or not, nobody in the established order likes to upset the apple cart. And, with the possible exception of finance and the more newly established technology sector, the legal apple cart delivers the richest juice. 

The self-serving egotistical tentacles of the legal system are clearly pronounced. Just look at the way in which the students are to complete examinations. If you take an idea from an established legal professor and reference it properly in obscure Latin referencing standards, you will get high grades. If you come up with your own brilliance analysis or reference your classmate, you get an F. Take a minute to let this sink in:


In short, your ability to copy a reputable person's work in a particular manner will secure you good grades. Your inventiveness will get you thrown out. It sounds precisely as weird and non-natural as it is. 

A system designed on plagiarism, that is opposed to plagiarism. It reminded me of the paradoxical language of ‘DoubleSpeak’ in George Orwell's 1984 - “We had always been at war with plagiarism. We are now allies of plagiarism. We had never been at war with plagiarism”

The destruction of creativity and enforcement of conformity was to follow me throughout the years. I ended up working as a compliance officer for a number of banks. The role of a compliance officer is to harvest sensitive data from honest business people, but frame it in such a way that we need to do it to prevent ‘terrorism’. What exactly terrorism is, is left to the Imagination of the individual. 

Personally, I cannot think of anything worse than forcing honest business people to give up their sensitive data and storing that information in a centralized location. But we used acronyms such as MiFID and Dodd-Frank and Basel to give the whole thing a veneer of legitimacy. Banks, it seemed, wanted creativity even less than universities. 

I left that job after 3 years, on the verge of being pushed out anyway. Compliance with stupidity does not come naturally to me, but I faked it as best I could. Everybody in these types of industries needs to strangle themselves, to greater or lesser degrees. The degree to which you are compliant with such life suppressing paradigms is the degree to which you are in non-compliance with your own soul. 

Things changed after I left the bank. I took off to Thailand for Muay Thai and Juice Fasting, and followed it up with a Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India. As regards money and a career, the free market was more creative. I could take on any kind of writing role I desired. It was honest - If I did not complete the work, I would get poor reviews and no payment. I loved the fact that I was responsible for myself and not responsible for the silliness of other people or the mad policies of parasitic governments and the hidden hand behind them. 

But the Creative Catharsis was still in operation. The online world is basically a series of information copied an infinite amount of times from one original source. A never-ending game of Chinese whispers as the original information (often of poor quality or the standard propaganda from scientific, governmental, or environmental institutions) is copied over and over. A clone is never as good as the original. Yet so few people really try to be original. Another paradox. 

One of my clients asked me to come up with the best content available. New. Fresh. Authentic. Research the competition and make our content superior. It all sounded great, but after I sent on a couple of iterations I knew exactly where it was going. I was getting criticized because the content was different. 

The tune had changed, and quickly. The content was to follow the same structure as the competitors. Just make it longer with a few more links, pictures, references, etc.

This was when things really clicked for me - 'The same but better' was the subsconsious mantra of everybody trying to achieve anything. It was not just this one client. I reviewed many different kinds of providers, and within each industry all they do is copy one another. The structure of web pages in a given industry is all pretty much the same. The products are all basically the same, with a different pricing tier and a different interface. 

All people want is the same as everybody else, just a little better. All houses on the planet are built as boring rectangles, literally blocks stacked one on top of the other. People in a given neighborhood must conform with the surrounding houses. So they copy each other, but try to stand out while trying not to be seen as trying to stand out. And so, people deceive themselves, and each other, by trying to conform their souls to their tainted surroundings. Instead of moulding a corrupted infrastructure they seek to moul the only thing that is pure within it - the human soul. 

Because that is the nature of the modern human. They seek to conform and to comply. They only want to be creatively different within the realms of social acceptability. This is why most ambitious males will gravitate towards finance/trading, with women potentially gravitating towards law. After all, where is the social reward for going into the jungle and working on a free energy device to help the planet? Why would anyone like to become a genuine journalist and expose the massive mind control and government propaganda at a global level?  

People mimic each other as clearly as a child mimics its parents. They want boards and meetings and consensus so that even if they make the wrong decision, they make it as a group. This kind of behavior enables mass stupidity, such as vaccinations, social distancing, taxes, wars, masks, slavery, mass surveillance, water fluoridation, 5G towers, and much more.

As long as people know they are all sinking, it's fine. The bottom line is that nobody wants to be creative. Because to be creative is to be a nonconformist. Most people just cannot get this fact. If you want to be different, unique, and authentic, you cannot conform. Be prepared for the rotten eggs that come your way. Or be prepared to live as a zombie, forever. Your call.

Thankfully, it is easier than you might think to break out of the creative catharsis. Just write 1000 original words each day, or paint an original painting each day. You do not actually have to reference any other piece of writing or other painting. Because you alone are the author and analyzer of your creative work. 

Don’t be a copycat. Everybody else is doing it, and the planet is sinking in a pool of its own stupidity. Conformists live only in a pseudo-reality, propped up by dramatic media headlines that embroil them in negativity and doom. 

Spirituality and creativity are intimately interwoven, creativity coming from the spirit and conformity conforming with the ego. Conformists have no life force other than the validation they get from the other zombies. 

You, on the other hand, will get an energetic thumbs up from God, and her validation is pretty sublime. You can be the author of your own reality, provided you steer clear of the creative catharsis. You get an A+ every time.

Go get’em. 

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