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Deconstructing the 'Metaverse'

There’s a lot of talk in the human realms about the ‘Metaverse’. Nobody really knows what it is, but on some level they understand that it's going to play a huge role in the future of humanity.

And, indeed, it will. We are at a critical juncture and souls have the choice to get further enmeshed in illusion or they can ascend to a deeper reality. The deeper reality is accessed via the Third Eye and the Clairsenses. These are the subtle senses that will give the soul access to the Higher Self and Higher Dimensions of consciousness. Evolved souls are opting for this path.

On the other hand, young souls (or, to be fair, souls that simply want to gain more experience in illusion) will opt for virtual reality headsets and augmented reality devices. The truth, as always, is contained in the name. They are quite literally choosing to let Mark Zuckerberg (etc) build their virtual/augmented realities for them instead of taking command of their own Third Eyes and choosing to create their own. They will exist as bar codes in the Metaverse.

On some level, this is what they’re asking for. The depths of human laziness and inability to use their God given capabilities is breathtaking. They don’t want to create. Too much intake via the eyes, even of magical TV series, is very bad for the imagination. Because they are not creating their own material, they remain as idle consumers to be entertained. It is inevitable that illusion would eventually consume them completely. Coca Cola and other brands will likely be active with advertising in the Metaverse, perhaps in an even more insidious fashion.

In terms of the Metaverse, the hardware could be every bit as devastating as the software. Vaccines have poisoned their bloodstream and corrupted their DNA. WiFi fragments them at every turn. More will follow. The headsets could easily be designed to alter the human brain waves in a more direct fashion with RFID chips and the like, placed on the skull. This is very dangerous territory, and that’s from a position of being already in extremely dangerous territory of a completely insane society that wears masks and deliberately ingest harmful toxins via vaccine.

Anyway, it's not for me to judge human activity, just to neutrally point out the insanity to awaken and encourage a small number of Starseeds and Lightworkers to the truth. We’re already in a Metaverse of fives - this is the land of five physical senses and five elements. Staying with the physical senses is very rarely done and is basically the whole point of the Yogic pointer - ‘Stay with the breath’. The more connected you are to the breath, the more connected you are to reality (this reality). That’s a good thing. A very good thing. Otherwise, your mind is going to be tricked and programmed unless you have some clairs active.

The mind/illusion is the sixth sense and is likened to an overlay on reality. Contaminated humans don’t rely on the five senses and only rely on the Mind, the Trickster, where they get convinced into taxes, masks, vaccines, mortgages, and other illnesses. A new saying I like to coin is:

“The body never lies. And the mind does nothing else.”

If you understand the mind, you can use it in creative and truthful ways. It’s best used when you are connected to the 5 physical senses and for specific purposes. Until then, it’s a very dangerous device and you allow the Deep State programming access when you watch the TV. Not. A. Good. I.D.E.A

Consider that even humans getting severe and dangerous reactions to toxic commercial vaccines are convinced it's good for them, despite all real evidence to the contrary. The body could literally be vomiting or sweating and even dying and they’re still convinced it's the correct thing to do. The body is trying desperately to tell them the truth, but they are completely disconnected from the body (reality). This is the ultimate brainwashing - it's like the TV or doctor or friends are telling you that your pain is not real. And you believe them because you’re disconnected from reality and your own Divine body by virtue of preposterous mental beliefs.

So, what is ‘reality’? Well, that’s not for anybody to dictate to you. What can be said is that it's ‘better’ to get closer to Source and that lower realities/dimensions are typically more painful. You will experience blissful states as you ascend to higher dimensions and densifying yourself further into the Metaverse is going to be extremely painful. You already densified yourself enough traveling down here into 3D from 4D, 5D, 6D, or 7D.

Me, I’m quite inter-dimensional and will actually be trying out some of the VR/AR devices, but only from the perspective of awakening people within it. It’s part of my role and purpose. The same as I’m doing in this 3D dimension. This can only be done with a strong support team and a firm anchoring from a higher dimension. All jokes aside, it's not all that much fun getting lost in the astral realms. Without a firm anchor from above, the depths of this illusion will consume you. Very few exceptions.

So, the humans are mainly going to hell, though I wouldn’t point out that fact to a Law of Attraction artist. At least without qualifying it by saying it's all good from a higher level (they like hearing this, as it excuses them from their conscious choices on this level of reality - the one they exist from. It's 'somewhat' true).

One wonders if inhabitants of the Metaverse will be required to show their vaccine ID barcodes and wear masks. In a world of complete stupidity and insanity, nothing is really surprising. But there will be no surprises from the perspective of cause and effect. Many of the humans are choosing slavery out of their own volition. Some will get karmic pardoning. Most will have to live out the consequences of their decisions, as this is the best and only way for souls to grow.

Suffering - as a result of their deliberate choices.

How else do you explain the function of the 3D Metaverse?

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