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Dietary Perfection

Ok, in the past 2 weeks (October 2022) it seems that all Starseeds have had their Dietary Clarity levels upgraded, along with their physical body upgrades. Practically every Seed I’ve been in contact with recently has been talking about these upgrades, consciously or unconsciously.

I’m just going to touch on my own personal realizations in relation to diet, because diet is mainly subjective and has little to do with averages or trending philosophies.

  • As a child, I loved to eat cheese, dairy products, chocolate, bread, cereals, and chicken curries now and again.*

  • In between, I wasted about 15 years in pointless supplementation, juice fasting, veganism, intermittent fasting, all sorts of diets, contemplation and journaling about food, reading about food, protein shakes, etc.

  • As an integrated StarSeed adult, I now love to eat cheese, dairy products, chocolate, bread, cereals, and chicken curries now and again.

I want to outline why specifically this is the case. Humans get ideas about sugar, carbs, fats, proteins, enzymes, minerals, micronutrients, exercise, and many other items. They take a tiny ‘slice’ of reality and craft an ideology around it, building up a false or sub self. Notice how most diets last for a period of 2 days to 6 months.

There are not many 5 year+ vegans out there. A tiny amount of people succeed, and unfortunately these are the ones to create businesses and write blog posts, as opposed to the millions that failed - you can’t market something that did not work for you.

People change all the time. Life is not static and a rigid mental ideology cannot possibly account for the millions of subtle nuances in esoteric nutrition. Only Deep Intuition and Higher Self connection will work. What you are naturally drawn to eat (outside of obvious addictions) is the diet for you.

And so, I have come to the actualization of the diet that is perfect for me. It is (*something like*) coffee and a croissant in the morning, along with a paneer butter masala with rice and vegetables in the evening. Possibly followed by dessert. It’s strange that the meals that give me the most satisfaction are also the ones that are the healthiest for me. Especially taking into account all of my bullshit in the meantime with spreadsheets and research.

I’ve had this diet confirmed by past life analysis, a Baba, and numerous Ayurvedic specialists, along with simple observation and mediation. Basically, I digest dairy well because of many past lives spent in India and Nepal (delicious raw yak/buffalo milk). Sugar and salt are needed for Lightbody upgrades and also suitable in moderation for Vata types. A cup of coffee a day is fine along with fresh bread. And 2 meals a day is something of a universal standard, which allows for automatic fasting in between. I feel FANTASTIC.

My advice to people would be to eat 2 meals a day of whole foods that you ENJOY, perhaps 3 for women. If you force yourself to eat meals you do not enjoy, you will ‘break out’ at some stage.

By eating 2 meals that you love, your health and wellbeing will come into alignment. Drop all the nonsense about carbs, fats, proteins, and otherwise. This is human nonsense. God makes carrots, not carbs, avocados, not fats, and chickpeas, not proteins. The more you are concerned with the human labels (proteins, fats, carbs) the further you are from reality/God, who knows nothing of such things.

Of course, many Seeds have been called to veganism and to fasting. That might be the case for me in future. But certainly not now.

And until I feel a strong calling and get a huge sense of JOY out of eating a bowl of raw kale, I’m NOT going to do it.

My diet is simply perfect, and God-approved.

*I wonder what else Child-Daniel knows that Adult-Daniel has forgotten?

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