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Divine Indifference and the Great Now Party

I’ve done a lot of reading and research with regard to spirituality, philosophy, duality, metaphysics, and the like. At this stage, so has everybody. We’re all trying to make the most of life and find meaning, joy, and happiness. Different philosophies will work for different people. And we all move beyond certain philosophies at certain stages in continual growth. The takeaway being to love all and not to judge what anybody else is doing, sleepers included.

To nutshell everything. There is a higher power. You have to give yourself to this higher power. You can call it the great Divine Director, the Impersonal One, the Higher Self, the Deeper Self, The Inner Being, The Holy Spirit, Archangel Michael, the Monad, God, the Tao, the Way, the Absolute, Brahma. You can even call it the giant flying spaghetti monster, just as long as you let it bring goodness into your life.

I understand that many of you might find this to be terrible news. It takes away your (perceived) autonomy. Unfortunately, your autonomy and free will will only bring you grief. The Holy Spirit is about a million times more efficient in satisfying your desires than you are. That’s just a fact. Sorry. It is so. At best, you could potentially scrape together a job and a house and marriage and mortgage and have a miserable life. That’s what your mind believes a ‘good’ life is.

The Holy Spirit will bring everything to you: the material and the non material. You just have to let it. Let go and let god. It will even bring ideas that you’re supposed to grapple with logically, because sometimes the path of least resistance involves planning and mental action. It’s not an issue until you get stuck with it and try to frame everything within the confines of the limited 3D mind. As Terrence McKenna stated, a large part of the apparent problem is that:

'The totality of existence does not fit neatly into the neural network of an evolved primate. The human mind is meant to appreciate, not to understand.'

The issue lies in having too rigid a mind. After you’ve committed to meditating once or twice a day for 20 minutes, it's really a matter of letting go and not thinking too much. Divine ideas will be brought for you to act upon. This might include gemstones, changes in diet, exercise, filtered water, reducing media and technology, etc. Everybody gets stuck in thinking that these things are important, with the form aspect. In balance, yes, they are relevant.But let your higher Self decide what's important in terms of form and material matter. Otherwise, you'll turn into one of those people who spend years researching food and exercise with zero to little benefit in terms of spiritual or physical progress.

Be Divinely Indifferent and Impersonal to whatever happens during the day. You’re not ‘behind’ because you can’t astral project, levitate, mediate, or have your ‘mission’ figured out. You can only be behind if you believe that you have to complete a large number of arbitrary processes in a certain timeframe. Spirit's got your back.

You’ve already won. All you have to do is trust, allow, and surrender.

The party is underway.

PS: Just to clarify something. If you don't trust the universe or some other entity, the amount of 'work' you need to do is technically limitless. It's impossible, and a huge weight on your shoulders that you simply can't shoulder. Unless you acknowledge some kind of external, higher power, you're in dreadfully bad shape. When you do, then any 'work' or activity is undertaken in the spirit of Divine Order, and it comes and goes without your having to command it. It's a lot better this way.

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