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Goodwill And Christ Consciousness - The New Currency

The true secret to Wealth and Abundance does not lie in a token or symbol. It is a direct result of your state of consciousness. And this state of Consciousness is known as ‘Christ Consciousness’.

When Christ went into the desert, he was in a rapture, not a state of repentance. Everything was provided for him. He knew that ‘The Father’ would provide every single need that came to him. And everybody that enters this state of consciousness will experience the same result. By letting go of ‘earning money’ and by adopting a Consciousness of God doing everything, your prosperity will be much enhanced.

The approach of most people to money is that they need more of it to protect them from evils and to increase their happiness levels. So it is fear-based and glamorous. Yet it never really provides them with security and happiness anyway.

Many also believe that they can use money to help others - this is a big mistake. It is the STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS that accompanies the financial transfer that helps. Which is why everybody should get in the habit of qualifying each and every transaction with goodwill, gratitude, and respect.

If you want more money, simply pray or get in a state of happiness and joy. Within a few hours, you will witness more money and increased opportunities. But once this happens, do not make the dreadful mistake of believing that the money has power in and of itself. The money is secondary to your state of being.

In a very real sense, the planet is moving away from currency of all kinds. The new currency is going to be good will. This can sound quite ‘trite’ at the moment. But when the universal laws are understood, it makes perfect sense. When you perform any act of healing or goodwill on another, you get rewarded in positive proportion. It is entirely possible for you to abandon the idea of money and to just get to work on healing others as much as possible, or to dedicating yourself to their upliftment. In this instance :


And so, should everybody dedicate their gifts and talents to the greater good, the result would be a utopia. The idea of currency would be forgotten. After all, the planet has millions of times more resources than needed for the shelter, clothing, and sustenance of every inhabitant. It’s a veritable storehouse of resources, once the shadow of materialism is removed.

It's an expanding universe. That should tell you something. The only problem is when you try to own and possess something, which does not recognize the transient nature of life

So, stop trying to earn money. Get in a state of Unconditional Gratitude and Unconditional Abundance, and know that God provides everything and that God is doing everything. It is a cause of both mirth and sadness in the Angelic Kingdoms to see so many humans toiling in the economic realms, believing that it is their limited, individual efforts that cause their financial rewards. Everything happens through the Father anyway. Why not get to know him directly instead of trying to manage money, a misleading intermediary?

Everything belongs to God and everything happens through God. When you cut out all the ‘intermediaries’, you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Keep in mind that money is a secondary layer over your goodwill activities.

Do not give too much attention to this secondary layer, just focus on goodwill, positive vibrations, and helping others. Even now, money has no power, it's simply a representation of vibration. When we collectively acknowledge this, we can deal with the vibration directly and then we will see true abundance.

The Kingdom of God is here. Just open the door by changing your state of being. Adopt a positive attitude of Goodwill, Gratitude, Joy, and Abundance, and everything else will most certainly be provided for you.

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