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Have A Coherent Mind - Line Up With Your Choices

I talk about space a lot. So much that you’re no doubt sick of it. But I’ve had yet another revelation.

A paradox had existed in my mind. I thought that, mysteriously enough, the rich person and the spiritual person could both be happy, because it was simply a state of mind.

But then I realized that what both of them had was actually a space of mind. While preferences and processes might be different, spaciousness and energy management are universal.

If the rich person had to pay for a $100 steak, he would be happy. If a spiritual person was presented with the offer, he would decline (as, let's say a vegetarian). There is no resistance in either equation.

However, if a person of moderate income was presented with the idea, he would have internal stress and a lack of space. Because he wants it, but can’t pay for it.

So it’s not so much about what you choose to do. But whether or not you have space to do it effortlessly. It’s when the mind is split between 2 decisions that the real stress starts to play out. This relates to what Abraham Hicks would indicate about always lining up with your decision.

The rich person has created infinite space (money being space to do as one wants). The spiritual person also has space, as he does not desire the steak. The guy in the middle desires the steak but does not have the space for it. His energy is split. And he feels awful. This lines up with a lot of Buddhist literature, which can be summarized as ‘be thou equanimous’

And lining up with your decisions is so important to your happiness/spaciousness. Do not have a split mind. Your choices are less important than your lining up with them.

Create wealth, or become non-desirous, but being in the middle is often perilous.

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