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How to Become a Master Healer - Easy, Obvious, and Hilarious

Becoming a Master Healer is the most natural and effortless thing in the world. When you understand what’s going on in depth, it becomes tragic and hilarious at the same time.

All disease stems from negative thoughts and negative emotions. And both of these, like everything else, are electro-magnetic in nature. Electromagnetism is the basis of the entire materialized dimension. Everything is vibrational (electro-magnetic), including your physical body.

True healing has been outlined in Reiki and its many variants throughout the ages. The steps are simple and obvious:

  1. Get the name of the person to be healed, ask them to sit/lie down comfortably.

  2. Sit next to them with an upright spine. Ask the Higher Self and other Upper Dimensional helpers to assist in the healing, and get in a meditative state, after requesting permission.

  3. After this prayer followed by permission, send healing energy to their auric field and act on your intuition. This can include sweeping the field, chanting a mantra, visualization, sending energy to a given area, or any number of things.

  4. When done, break the connection and seal their field.

That’s it. Your body-mind is more sophisticated than all the computers in the world, and always will be. You just have to connect to your Higher Self and helpers, and let them do the work. They supply the perfect voltage, you just direct it gently. You will be given intuitive instruction during the healing. Attunements can be helpful to attune you to your vast healing abilities, but are not essential. All that matters is that you quiet the mind, ask for guidance, and direct the flow of healing. Everybody can do this.

There is only one thing you have to understand to become a master healer. It’s that you are not doing anything. You are receiving all guidance from your Higher Self/God. Even visualizations, if necessary, are given to you, not something you think of. They are something you receive, not something you think. It’s like a Tai Chi Dance, you simply need to get your ego out of the way so God can do the healing. Blessedly simple.

All you have to do is quieten the mind and move your hands in the most intuitive manner that you can, without doubting that what you are doing is correct. It’s worth stating that this is also the way you do everything in your life. Just ask for guidance and act intuitively. Doubt is your greatest enemy. You are your own worst enemy, in many respects. Be kinder to yourself.

The hilarity of the situation should not be lost on you. Think about it. We have 7 Million live energy sparks that could easily be master healers, but they prefer taking drugs pharmaceuticals to kill themselves. From the perspective of the Angels, this is comical yet quite destructive.

So you see, the whole pharmaceutical thing is unnecessary on many levels. But to give you the final tool to make you truly a Master. It’s that everything is happening in Divine Order. The people who are sick are choosing to be sick. The people who do not listen to wisdom are not meant to hear it. in this time of harvest, there were some souls who had a 0% chance of success.

They were never meant to be saved or healed. It was not in their soul trajectory. A soul on his/her first lifetime cannot ascend to 5D because they want/need to learn lessons in duality consciousness. This is what we all went through in previous incarnations when we did not "make the cut". It's holy, natural, and normal.

This understanding will save you a great deal of pain. Do NOT heal somebody that is not looking for a healing. This includes your words and other activities. Words can also be healing, provided they land in receptive soil. The hardest lesson you will have to learn is acceptance.

People will commit suicide via various methods and there are many ways to leave the planet. And there is not one damn thing you can do about it except offer space, guidance, and healing as needed. When they decide to wake up, you can support them. Until then, work on yourself and heal those who want and need healing. This is Universal Truth. It's not pleasant for Ascended Masters and other beings to observe humans at war with themselves either, due to simple misconceptions and a lack of love.

In the current era of toxicity, everybody is in need of Healing. Despite what people say, there is not a single person alive who is completely clean. A person who says that is clueless. The world as we know it is completely and utterly toxic, in ways that would frighten you if you understood them. The Dracos have been pumping in toxins around the clock for years. Nowhere on the planet is safe, as everywhere is connected.

You might think otherwise. But once you go to a clean dimension and come back down, it is literally like entering a sewer (ask the Masters or your Guides what it would be like for them to descend into a human vehicle right now). An inner Earth inhabitant would not be able to breath in outer earth due to the level of toxicity. You can only understand this planet by going 'away' and coming back.

Healing in its many forms is badly needed, and we all need to rid ourselves of ego and heal each other collectively. Unity is the only way forward. The negative ego will kill you, if left unchecked.

The good news is that we have already won. We just need to get through a final stretch as the Dracos die their unpleasant death, while we dance our way to eternal victory.

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