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How To Open The Third Eye Chakra

As I am in the process of opening the third eye, I thought I would write about the process. I am already getting images, I just need to strengthen the connection. I’m also in the process of connecting to my Galactic Guides, and I asked them for information on it. The information they gave me is largely through the third eye.

The image/motif I get is the plant. Some things to note about a plant:

  1. Takes time to open.

  2. Needs a solid foundation.

  3. Grows from darkness.

  4. Grows with sunlight.

  5. Grows with love and attention.

  6. Is relaxed and effortless.

  7. Needs room to grow.

One of the most important points here is that it needs a solid foundation. Trying to open your third eye chakra when your sacral and root chakra are under or overactive is not a good idea. You need to be a grounded, solid, and integrated person before you attempt to open it. Otherwise, you’ll just fall prey to some low level astral entity. Without a stable foundation, you won’t grow properly. In fact, without a stable foundation, you can’t grow properly.

The third eye is linked to wisdom and knowledge. Clarity of mind and purpose can assist with its opening. Though it's perhaps more accurate to say that a clouded mind will prevent its opening. The third eye is linked to clear perception. Any erroneous thoughts about life will get in the way of this. If you don’t have a clear mind to interpret images, why would God let you open your third eye? What would be the point?

There are hundreds of other tips and pointers here, from colours to mantras to mandalas to gemstones to incense. I would merely say to live simply, honestly, and clearly. Cut out junk food and most streams of information, and get yourself into nature as much as possible. When you are reasonably clear of debris through obvious methods, it's time to work directly with the opening of the third eye.

Other information I was given was to gaze at the sun for a couple of minutes and let the light pour through my third eye. As well as to fully intend to open the third eye. This intention is critical.

Spend ten minutes placing your attention in the third eye area and consciously intend to open it up, using whatever methods come into your stream of awareness.With this intention, you're going to get insights about how best to open the third eye. Only you can gain access to this specific info. Otherwise, you’ll just be taking generic online advice which may or may not be relevant to you. After your short meditation, write down the insights immediately. All of them. Rinse, repeat, and your third eye will open.

Without a conscious intent to open your third eye, and a conscious practice dedicated to opening your third eye, it's not going to open. Of course, there are many, many, many vectors and areas to be discovered within the jewel of the third eye, much like all the chakras and even the physical senses. You download different info depending on the direction of your eyes.

But keep it slow and simple.

I’m just at the beginning, and enjoying the process of evolution.

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