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How To Write

Writing is a personal process. Like an artist, the writer leaves a piece of his/her Soul on the paper.  So any advice on how to write is really going to be about:

  1. Ignoring writing advice of all kinds and all standard procedures. 

  2. Removing ego from writing. 

What then happens is that the writing ‘flows’. It flows through you, as a channel. The result is a pure expression of Source energy. 

Simple, right? Of course. Children know this, adults lost it. 

Even still, there is higher and lower quality of writing. The highest quality writing is that of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. Why? Ego has been removed and the writing is pure, uninhibited, creative proliferation

The best writing alludes to things. If you point it out directly, the Logic-Mind of people will resist and throw a tantrum. In Harry Potter, we had references to Sirius, Bellatrix, Acturus, and the Dracos. We had references to the numbers 12, 13, 7. There was the Pheonix of Rebirth and the crisscrossing of timelines with time devices.

In other words, there was everything (Galactic civilizations, numerology, symbols, magick, time travel, manifestation) that cannot be directly explained to Muggles in the current environment. It goes over their heads if you explain it to their conscious minds. But the subconscious gobbles it up. Which is why such works are so popular with teenagers and children, in particular. They have less mental barriers to such truths. 

If J.K. Rowling were to write a thesis on time or numerology, she would have been dismissed as a quack. And it would not have been enjoyable. This is also why Christ/Buddha/Lao Tzu/Rumi used poems, metaphors, and analogies instead of long essays. They work better as they speak to the 4D/5D mind of archetypes and symbols as opposed to sequential logical processing. 

The best writing is non-personal, symbolic, and alludes to things instead of making a case for them. Remove yourself from the writing process. This is why chanelling is so effective for delivering truths you did not know. If your conscious mind is active, it cannot accept such truths. You are getting out of your own way through chanelling. 

So writing is a proliferative free flow where you do not need to tend to the general rules of the Lexicon. A comma denotes a pause in normal speech. Letting a spelling ‘corrector’ tell you where to put a comma is like letting a political activist tell you what you can and cannot say. 

Writing, like the Soul, needs to be 100% Sovereign. Why would you write for anyone when you could write for your own Soul? Do not focus on marketing or your audience or any of that nonsense. Just write purely and simply. You will write profound truths. 

I have found certain trends and patterns in the way that the human mind digests reading material. It is best to keep an idea, concept, or chapter less than 800 words or so. More than 1,000 and the reader loses interest. It is also far harder for the writer to remain coherent above this number. Short and simple. Take, for instance, the following chapter from the teachings of Ascended Master El Morya. 

Diamond Consciousness

“The moments of awakening are full of wonder. It is the time for the return of the soul from the subtle to the gross. The soul is in the subtle and gross at the same time. If the aspirant can stay put in that state, he would regain many mysteries of life. Hence, those few moments of the day are most valuable. Daily, as one is awakening, he should learn to utilize these moments to the best advantage. Learn to be quick and calm during those moments and try to trace back, if possible, into the preceding moments. Let this be your daily exercise. We call these moments of the day as Diamond Time, and your awareness during that time as Diamond Consciousness.”

All the chapters are like this, short snippets of information but as profound as any thesis. It is the simple tuning in to these timeless principles that works so well. 

In order to write, simply get inspired write daily. Your body of works will build over time. It is doubt and lack of focus that will cripple your writing. If you are called to this vocation, as a (s)wordsmith, you need discipline and focus. Between 1,500 to 3,000 words a day should suffice.

Inspiration is easy, just go for a walk. If all else fails, write on any topic and see the relationships crop up. The Imagination is a doorway to the Godly Superconsciousness where all things are interconnected.

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