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I Never Knew Ascension Was This Easy


Ascension is a process of dropping your mental (personality-level) activity, connecting to the Higher Self, and doing whatever he tells you.

This will lead to maximum joy and bliss because the tiny human mind is not capable of knowing what it wants, needs, or requires. It just runs around on automatic programs picked up from a corrupted 3D Matrix.

Because you are not the mind and the mind knows nothing about who you are, why would you let such a primitive device run your reality?

Extended Version

It can seem like there are thousands os Ascension teachings and things to focus on, millions of items to do on the Ascension checklist.

But if you look to all the major teachings and understand one or two points, it really is simple and straightforward. Actually, it's just one belief you need to remove. You're an observer more than a doer!

All you have to do is quiet your mind and receive impressions from God/Higher Self. This can also be called following the Intuition. The more you can do this, the easier you will find Ascension/Rapture.

All human suffering is caused by the mind and the idea that they have to do something to improve themselves. Given that there are millions of ‘things to do’, there are millions of different types of suffering created by the human mind!

The Absolute Truth is that God is the Doer. Your job is to quiet your mind however you can and follow the impulses. The more you think you have to do to achieve Ascenison or (insert bullshit human aim here), the unhappier you will be.


You will be called on to ‘do’ certain things. But you have to wait for guidance from God until you do it. Otherwise, your mind is going to just destroy everything, which you can see from the wider human environment of people running around killing the planet. The humans think they are ‘improving’ because they have more homes, qualifications, cars, businesses, and other meaningless items. They have mistaken increases in quantifable items with genuine improvement (ironically, God is quantum, and cannot really be 'increased', you have all of it or none of it, from one perspective).

Yet they have no space, presence, or time to enjoy them. The busiest people are often the most miserable.

And so, I bring you joyful news. Your only real job is to quiet the mind, get relaxed, and follow your impulses. There is no lack of time. If you need to work on a particular chakra, your attention will be drawn to this chakra. If you need to change your diet, your attention will be drawn to this area. Same for any other item. But if you run around trying to fix chakras or fix your diet because that’s what you read about online, you're going off track.

Imagine that you have a team of guides and helpers. They are responsible for feeding you downloads (like a baby) at set intervals. If you find it hard to digest a given download, they wait for the next one. It has to happen in an order. It’s not your job to manage the downloads or to get ahead of yourself. You simply get quiet and receive them, grounding and relaxing where necessary. The team has it all taken care of. The more you hurry, the less time you will have.

If something feels rushed or hurried, you're not supposed to be doing it. If you feel like you don't have enough time or resources, it's a sign you are trying too hard. God is the doer, and he can't get it wrong. So if you think you're going wrong, it can only be due to the fact that you are not letting God do the work.

Every single Ascension Teacher has the same message - Eckhart Tolle, Krishnamurti, Osho, Sadhguru, Alan Watts. Quiet the mind and stop running around. Do not take action unless inspired and clear. Avoid the business/busyness of 3D and you can rapidly step into Ascension.

This does not mean you won’t go through emotional/mental turbulence/shadow periods. What it means is you can see a Higher Order to this turbulence and you won’t create a repeating story around it. You can accept it and move through it more gracefully.

Everybody in 3D has a shit time at some stage. A really shitty time actually, if you hadn’t noticed. You are forgiven everything, though there is nothing to forgive.

Integrate and move on.

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