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Imagination And Ascension

Imagination is something that really does not get given its due in mainstream ‘spiritual’ society. The Tibetans were the only spiritual community that put the Imagination as the ultimate goal, with processes that directly stimulated the Imagination. No real ‘outside’ source, beyond your own creative visualizations. 

This is something that has been completely lost, even amidst the Ascension revolution. 

Imagination is spirituality. Imagination is Creation. It is not something you do to enhance the other aspects of your life. Imagination is life. And you are the one who Imagines/Creates. 

Liberation involves proliferation and activity. Not stagnation and stillness, in the sense that the public interprets ancient spirituality. Imagination is an on-going process of reinvention and development, with periods of rest and rejuvenation. 

The Imagination of a child is immensely powerful until the adults and wider society teach them to shut down the ultimate power. The ultimate sense, in a sense. The Imagination is everything. The planetary controllers certainly know it - completely fictitious diseases such as COVID 1984 are enough to shut down the entire economy using the power of the publics' Imagination.

It is not the planetary controllers that shut the economy down. The population downloads the fear virus from the television, where fake stories proliferate. They accept the fake stories and recreate them using the power of their Imagination. Like all parasites, the Deep State actually survives off of YOUR thought energy. Propaganda of all kinds is built on the premise that the human subjects will accept the fictitious information and then proceed to project it outwards in manifestation. Which they always do, without fail, in all eras.  

But Imagination is not just the entire foundation of planetary Propaganda. It is the prime foundation of all kinds of spiritual development. How do you develop clairvoyance? How do you see Auric fields? How do you sense chakras? Via the Imagination. Then, the experience becomes more ‘tangible’ and physical. This is how all things are created. First via Imagination as Etheric Thought, next observed in the visual screen of reality. 

The Muggle species believe that only the physical realm exists. The spiritualists and Magicians understand the physical is a subset of the subtle/mental realms. The Muggles constantly want physical verification of a spiritual realm, which is something of a contradiction. The Muggle needs to upgrade itself using its Imagination to sense the subtle realms. This, the Muggle will rarely do, as it engages in self-hypnosis day after day via science and mainstream media propaganda. 

The Imagination is the doorway to everything you can dream of. The mind cannot differentiate between real and Imagined. Because there is no difference between real and imaginary. To liberate your Imagination, you need to:

  1. Remove limiting beliefs (major job).

  2. Exercise the Imagination daily (major job).

  3. Meditate and clear your mind/body complex from toxins (major job).

There are many, many subcategories underneath these 3 steps. And while time does not exist, it is going to take years and decades to really dig into them on a deep level. On the bright side, there is no going back. Unlike human certificates, your God-given Imagination stays with you forever, even lifetime to lifetime. You will ascend on the neverending spiral of Ascension, without getting stuck on science, materialism, and logic for an Aeon or two. 

In a very ‘real’ sense, Imagination is Ascension. 

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