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Implementing The Ideal Diet

The ideal diet is simple and perfect, but it can take a while to really install it into your operating system. There are some tricks needed for success.

The morning meal is quite easy. You simply do your work or meditation or workout or whatever it is until 11 PM. Then, you eat what you like. This can be a cup of coffee, tea and sourdough bread, a salad, a bowl of porridge, soup, a chicken fillet roll, etc. You can even indulge a little here. So that should make things a little easier.

But when it's time for the second meal at 4, 5 or 6 PM, there's no time for nonsense. The fridge will need to be stocked full of the foods you intend to eat. Organic preferred. Eat your fruits 30 minutes before, while you wait for the large pot of vegetables to steam.

It’s best to implement the ideal diet with a light exercise routine in the evening. Otherwise, you can get bored, and you’ll end up eating junk food. Something has to replace the mindless eating.

If you do an intense workout at the gym and are ravenous, have a liquid meal after it. Warm some almond milk with honey and coconut oil. The idea is that you are very gentle with your digestive tract. Don’t stuff your intestines with garbage hoping that a small percentage of the absorbed protein will lead to impressive muscles. It’s a really bad tradeoff.

If all of this seems too pedantic and restrictive, try it for 5 days a week and do what you want on the weekend. So you're only being restrictive for 5 out of 7 days.

When the steamed vegetables have completely cleaned out your digestive tract, repopulated your gut biome, and added the nutrients needed to fully revitalize your body, you’ll see why being pedantic is truly necessary in this area.

It’s a completely different playing field. There are many magical elements associated with fruits and vegetables that don’t go down well with contemporary readers. But I can say that you will be emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally strengthened if you increase your fruit and vegetable intake. And the benefits will compound week by week. You will be building up a storehouse of resilience with fruits and vegetables.

You may not feel like Hercules by day one. But you'll definitely be on the way there by day 5. And you’ll really understand what I’m talking about when you implement the ideal diet for more than 2 weeks.

Take a proactive role and implement the ideal diet. Your intestines will thank you for it.

And it could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

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