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Just. F******. Express. Yourself

Self Expression is a huge part of life on earth, with close ties to the Sacral and Throat Chakras. We are were all meant to connect to your deeper self and express god Consciousness in the best possible manner. It’s why we were given the gift of the 5 senses, though these are also referred to as the deceivers of reality instead of the perceivers, and with good reason.

In any case, we’ve ventured a little off track with our ‘expressions’. This is due to the media and other toxins in society that poison the mind, beyond repair in many instances. We have just a lot of selfish people trying to control others using pseudo moralism to justify their atrocities. Modern society is essentially built on blaming and shaming people for being who they are and throwing tantrums to get respect. Not to mention the criminally insane C19 lockdowns and rampant spying operations.

However, it's still important to express your emotions. Otherwise, trapped emotions will kill you in a very real sense. The emotions of anger, frustration, shame, guilt, all need to be expressed in some manner. You will need an outlet for them. It can be a dreadful trap if you believe you are not supposed to feel your emotions, and this has been a useful tool used by the Catholic Church to manipulate people. They tell people emotions are wrong, but they deliberately manipulate people by making them feel negative emotions. So you can then pay to get into heaven.

So express yourself however you can, just don’t try to let it affect others by violating their personal boundaries. Most people feel terrible and then blame others for their low quality of consciousness. This is not what this is about. You have a powerful feeling that will get stuck unless you find a way to express it. If it’s a little chaotic, then run the violet or the white flame over it afterwards. Always, better out than in.

Many spiritual practitioners are a little stuck on the idea of ‘high vibrations’. This fails to acknowledge that you have to go through a purging process of ‘low vibrations’ first. Basically, do what you can at your level of consciousness to improve and purge, and don’t worry about whether it’s holy or not - just think of it in terms of is it appropriate for my being right now or not. Depending on where you are different practices are more or less suitable.

Some people might need to make more money, satisfy sexual impulses, express anger, cut connections from a community, or leave a loved one. This are the lower chakra cleanses and the lower chakras serve a good purpose. After a period of this, then you can move up towards the higher chakras. But if you just try to remain positive and holy all the time and stay in high vibrations, you will get very frustrated, very quickly. You will have no ground or foundations for the higher vibrations.

So enjoy lower expressions from time to time and see them as what they are - learning curves to contrast against higher expressions. The more you can accept your negative expressions and experiences, the more rapidly you will be able to stabilize in higher vibrations and expressions, but you have to do the groundwork first. Bypassing never works.

PS - I have a healing session relating to anger and trapped emotions. Basically, you get to express yourself and vent how you want in a safe manner via Zoom. This can be incredibly therapeutic and comes with some additional Reiki healing for additional clarity. But it does require you tapping into these emotions, expressing them, transmuting them, and moving on. That's the main point to keep in mind. Just like heavy metals and parasites, trapped emotions have to be expressed and exorcised.

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