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Major Metaphysical Writing Exercise #1 - The Gratitude Journal

The gratitude journal is possibly one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. It seems ‘cute’ and a mere variant of the (unreasonably) hated positive psychology branch of empowerment.  But if you understand the principles of the Law of Attraction and how the universe operates, then it will take you all the way home. 

I am endorsing the Gratitude Journal as a Transcendental Meditator, Yogic practitioner, Level 3 Reiki Practitioner, Golden Age Scribe, Starseed, Frequent Juice Faster, Infrequent Psychonaut, Mystery School Attendee, and Ayurvedic/Astrology Enthusiast. Not to denigrate any of these wonderful practices and attributes, but there is something special about the overlooked gratitude journal. It is the first point of call for any kind of spiritual development. Here’s why.

First, the gratitude journal will teach you that the universe is no more than an input-output system. It reflects back to you what you emanate out to it. By merely being appreciative of your current situation, the universe will send you more things to be appreciative about. The practice works 100% percent of the time, as long as you can embody the frequency of gratitude. The danger lies only in mindlessness. People try it out for a couple of days and abandon the process, or they just forget. It’s easy to forget in this continuum of chaos and mindlessness, yet the consequences are quite dire for our distraction. 

Second, is that the gratitude journal is invaluable in teaching you that the entire human system of ‘value’ is absolutely and utterly absurd. The idea of a ‘market’ value of an object and that value can be derived independently of the observer is comical from an enlightened perspective. Humans ascribe (or perhaps project) meaning and value onto material items. As you progress with the gratitude journal, you move from mundane appreciation of material items to subtle appreciation of a cup of tea, ocean view, fresh air, white paper, a good night's rest, and all of the things that actually matter as compared to mindless material acquisitions. You eventually become happy to simply be alive. It is entirely possible to appreciate a morning sun as much as a new car, home, or marriage. 

Ultimately, it all comes from your divine projections as a creator. The gratitude journal can teach you this. It can rid you of the problematic human tendency to value things materially and only appreciate things in a very narrow sense which takes us away from the NOW. Humans only allow themselves to be happy after they achieve some massive goal like a new job, marriage, car, or milestone. Obviously, such strict conditions surrounding happiness and appreciation are losing propositions, as they can take effort to achieve and occur so very infrequently. 

You will be happy to be, and can exit the matrix. As a consequence, of course, all the materials you could ever want will be looked after. 

Bringing us to the third point. Gratitude is a connecting frequency, a key. By being in this frequency, you will attract other attributes such as grace, peace, happiness, love, etc. By being grateful in the morning, it can carry you throughout the day unless you interrupt the frequency (which will happen often). You will attract other items to be grateful for and ultimately the universe can bring you exactly what you want. 

Your vibrational frequency determines what happens ‘to you’. This understanding can only be integrated with continual observation, with a technique such as a journal of appreciation. It teaches you formlessness over form, and spirit over matter. It is a starting point so that the power is placed firmly back in your hands. Not a deity. Not a God. Not even a technique or strategy. In YOUR vibrational frequency. Which is altered via the gratitude journal. And, of course, it is 100% free and easy to do, not taking more than 10 minutes of your time. 

The Process

  1. Simply get out a piece of paper and jot down 21 things you are appreciative about. You may find that once you get started many things come up. Keep going as long as you wish. 

  2. The exercise should make you feel grateful. The atoms of your being should emulate this frequency. You are engaging in frequency modulation. This is what attracts on a quantum level. This is a science.

  3. It's best to do this process forever. You might end up graduating from the gratitude journal, which means that your mind will start to automatically find thoughts of appreciation without the need to write it down. This is great, but the journal is a more tangible and concrete way to get started, and helps to focus. 

  4. It is best to do this early in the morning to start off on the right footing. Anytime within 3 hours or waking is ok. You can also feel free to do this at other intervals. 

  5. As you get more attuned to this exercise, you can experiment. The mind cannot distinguish between real and imaginary. So you can first write down things you are appreciative of. And once you have tapped into the frequency of gratitude, you can then be grateful for things you do not actually have, writing as if they are already in your possession. 

Purpose of Exercise:

  1. Demonstrates vibrational and subjective nature of the universe.

  2. Demonstrates absurdity of the human system of value and appreciation. 

  3. Will bring everything you desire, depending on your persistence. 

  4. Will make you 😃 happy to be alive - the ultimate goal of life. 

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