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Major Metaphysical Writing Exercises - An Introduction

The mind cannot distinguish between fact and fiction, real or imaginary. And since the mind is the vehicle used to construct the outer environment and your part within it, you can use writing exercises to ‘trick’ it into manifesting what you want. 

The universe or externalized hologram is no more than an input-output system. It reflects your thoughts and emotions back to you. It has no sense of scale or proprietary. “Here you are” is the mantra of the universal algorithm, as it gives you what you give it, consciously or subconsciously. 

Which brings us to the power of the written word. Writing focuses your attention on a certain idea or concept. It is primarily a focusing mechanism and you can gently guide the mind to a reality, path or timeline that you wish to take. So you can use these writing exercises directly to alter your reality in a very direct manner. 

This is not ‘bypassing’ or living in abstractions. This is an ongoing experiment whereby you observe how your thoughts (writing being focused, crystallized thought) come to affect how people treat you, how you feel, what you do, where you go, and so much more. 

Yet like all good things, you will need to stick to your craft over long periods of time to get the right payoff. Which is why these exercises are mainly aimed at people in the writing profession (though anybody in the fields of self-development, spirituality, or creativity can also do them as much as they want). You do not need any skill or qualifications, as writing is a personalized field and the aim is to empower you, not to gain approval from any other entity. 

Trying to win approval from other people is the Kryptonite not only of writers but people in all professions. Copying another person's system can only result in dissatisfaction, no matter how efficient it is. It means you are abandoning your own creativity and preferences in lieu of what the ‘crowd’ deem acceptable. And if you haven’t noticed, the crowd are not the most enlightened in this 21st century of ours. You need to stand out for your quirkiness, not fit in with the zombie population. If your writing makes sense to you alone, it is good enough. In fact, if a lot of people like it, it could well be a cause for concern. 

The danger in any endeavor is its abandonment before the seeds can come to fruition. So they need to be stuck with over long periods of time, notwithstanding the fact that results can be demonstrated in 20 minutes. Regardless of what you are doing, the best results are seen with age. And who knows, you may even convert a zombie or two along the way. 

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