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Mastering Wealth

“It is a great man who can treat his silver as if it were Earthenware. And a man who treats his Earthenware as if it were silver is no less great”

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

There are a myriad of misconceptions surrounding the concept of wealth. First, wealth is a wonderful state of affairs. Attachments are another. As long as you know where wealth comes from (the etheric realms) and that it is a function of your thoughts and emotions, then you are on a solid platform. A solid platform to have as much money as you want without feeling guilty about it. 

The ultimate pitfall of this 3D continuum is that the souls inhabiting it believe in matter over spirit, form over formlessness, action over attraction, etc. And the ego-centric beings then try to manipulate the behaviour of other beings through social policies and other charades in a futile attempt to legislate morality that never works. And the wheel of Karma continues due to basic misconceptions on manifestation and attraction. 

Many souls view wealth as having intrinsic power in and of itself. But behind every financial empire is an energetic master, or at least someone with a positive mindset concerning the growth and maintenance of wealth. Wealth is a mindset, a series of beliefs, and an energetic countenance. Have you ever seen a rich person trying to ‘cut costs’ or save on exchange rates? Obviously not. This would reinforce to them the idea that they are not wealthy. Their entire energy field is typically one of ease and non-stress over mundane events.

You may notice that they only associate with other wealthy people. It is a grevious mistake to simply assume that this is because they are elitist snobs. There is a universal law to what they do.

Whenever you associate with people of a different vibration, they rub off on you. This is how energy transfer works. You should only associate with people who emanate the qualities you would like to emulate. Blaming the rich for being rich is a losers game that too many souls are playing.

So we know that first and foremost wealth is an energetic paradigm, not a system of rules or regulations to be followed. Bearing this in mind, the following are the best ways to acquire wealth. They are broken into separate components and you do not have to master all of them. They are interlinked, and one of the 4 will suffice, as long as you do it consistently. It is time and consistency that brings about wealth. If you start to doubt or worry, it will destroy the harvest.

#1 - Gratitude

Humans are massively biased towards future gratification. Give a person $10,000 dollars. Within a week the happiness of that person will be back to baseline. The money is invested or spent, and it's onto the next ‘thing’. 

But you can actually harvest a past timeline far more efficiently than a future one. The future is uncertain. The past and present are known. By merely taking a brief stock of your inventory, you can feel rich now, and get into the frequency of appreciation. Tot them up -> Water. Food. Gym memberships. Travel. Relationships. Housing. Heating. Internet. Amazon next day delivery. Smartphones with more technology than NASA had when they flew to the moon.

It is quite extraordinary how wealthy you are right now. The issue is that you take stock of wealth in relation to other people. And you attack and harass yourself because of this arbitrary comparison, without appreciating the wonderful wealthy life that you have right now.  

The beautiful paradox is that by writing or contemplating about your current wealth you attract more of it. The universe is input/output. There you go.  Gratitude is a frequency and it will bring you all that you need.

It is the best tool for mastering wealth. Why? Because when you do become wealthy by stress and effort and work, what's the point if you never take stock and appreciate it anyway? Without gratitude, you will be perpetually onto the next ‘thing’, chasing the proverbial carrot until your heart stops beating. Be grateful now, and more wealth will follow. 

#2 - Frequency Modulation

When you adapt your frequency to that of wealth, you will start to attract more of it. It is this simple, yet it is more complex in practice. If you meet a Yogi, business person, accountant, and doctor, you will notice that they all have a certain frequency. It’s not that one person is better than another, or that each person in a particular field is identical to one another. But people in certain industries have to modulate their frequencies in order to buy into certain paradigms and to perform adequately. This is simply how it is. The consciousness of a Wall Street trader is not compatible to teaching children in elementary school, and vice versa. 

You need to embody the frequency of somebody who is wealthy. The more effectively you do this, the faster your wealth will appear. Technically, it appears right away, as there is no difference between real and imaginary aside from the mind of the dualistic human being. But for physical manifestation, you need a sustained frequency. That is what this continuum is about. You get what you think about, like other dimensions. The caveat is that this one has a time delay.

There are many ways to adopt the frequency of someone who is rich. You might book a holiday and relax on a beach. You might make sure you always have cash on you. You might look into alternative investments of things you cannot afford right now.

The idea is to nurture a feeling of being rich. Credit cards, interest rates, real estate property, holidays, fine clothing, fine dining, all of these can bolster your sense of being rich. But if they simply make you feel poor and cheap, then stay away from them. It is all about creating the frequency. Do it in the way that makes the most sense for you. There are millions of ways to get rich and millions of ways to create the feeling of wealth. Again, the gratitude jounal can take care of two birds with one stone here. You might also want to write a few fictional stories about how great your life is now that you are rich. Above all, stop complaining about how poor you are and about how there is nothing you can do. This is poison.

#3 - Belief Systems

This is the most troublesome limb to tackle. From birth, humans are taught that they need to struggle for their wealth. Humans derive their identity from their pain, misery, and suffering. They are eager to tell you how hard they have it. Because of this, the idea that wealth is easy to attract is abhorrent to most of them. They will block it off. In most instances, they will not allow themselves to be wealthy unless they suffer for it, with long detailed business plans and 12 year PhD certificates. 

Needless to say, none of these are required in the slightest. But you do need to become accustomed to effortless income. Ironically, it could well take you a long time to let money flow to you effortlessly. Because the idea that money is hard to come by is heavily entrenched in the human psyche. And, believe me, beliefs are often harder to shift than you would believe. Even subtle ones will prevent wealth from flowing into your experience in a big way. Most humans anti-manifest at the same time as they manifest wealth. If you believe that wealth is evil or wrong or that you don't deserve it. you're toast. Because even while trying to consciously manifest, parts of you are battling against other parts of you, due to the opposing beliefs. This is split energy, and it's exhausting and futile.

Meditation can assist with this, as it will tune you into the subtle realms so you can observe how minor differences in thought result in vast differences in outcomes.

Humans feel like they have to ‘earn a living’ and must work to justify their existence. The idea of sitting and receiving from the universe would disgust most humans. And at the core of this is a belief that they are unworthy of wealth. Unless you fully believe you are entitled to the wealth of the universe, you will continue to struggle. Nobody randomly gets rich. They attract all of it. And before they attract it, they have a belief that they are worthy of it. Or, at least, the expectation that it is coming to them.

You will not become rich unless you are 100% sure that you are worthy of earning an income without having to justify it. Even the idea of ‘delivering value’ will have to be overcome. This belief pattern makes sense in the early stages of soul evolution in the context of financial acquisition. But for complete proliferation and attraction, it needs to be gotten rid of. 

You are worthy of wealth. The universe is abundant and can supply you with everything that you need without taking away from anybody else. The universe is infinitely expanding and there is no such thing as a limited supply, only limited thinking.

#4 - Income Automation

The holy grail of wealth is automated income without having to work for it. This is best done on the material planes with either real estate or digital marketing. Remember, the form does not matter. You could automate stamp collecting or the sale of fishing rods, as long as you are aligned and passionate about the idea. 

But you do need to familiarize yourself with the idea of an income coming in without you having to justify its appearance. Real estate is useful in this regard as people need houses and it has a very solid and tangible energy resonance. Houses are the ultimate symbol of stability, backed up by the sacred geometry of the Rectangle. You may have your apartment for the next 20 - 40 years, earning an income month by month. 

Others prefer passive income with dropshipping or the sale of creative products online. Whatever works, just make sure that money is attracted as effortlessly as possible. Do not struggle with it. Just ensure you are in an arena that you like being in. It can also help to make friends with people in the same area to reinforce certain wealth patterns. Nothing will destroy positive patterns like friends that are not on the same page. Energy is always being transferred. And most people have very poor wealth habits in place (which are actually thought habits). 


Wealth is no more than a belief pattern. All you have to do is vibrate wealth to acquire wealth. There are many ways to do this. Ignore all signs of poverty and focus only on wealth at all times. The material manifestation will follow. 

Ironically, when you become a master at manifesting wealth you will also become a master at spirituality. They are the same, as material wealth comes from formless spirit and energetic vibration. You will then cherish energetics more than material acquisition. 

As always, it works 100% inversely to what is commonly believed on the Earthly Planes of reality. You do not need to work, only to focus your attention. You do not have to fit in with wider society by finding some arbitrary role within it to justify who you are. 

Vibrate wealth. Get happy. Accumulate. Grow. 

And don’t let the naysayers make you feel bad about what is your Divine right as a creator God in human formatting. Money does not guarantee happiness by any stretch. but it's an aim worth pursuing and you can tie it in with higher artistic and spiritual aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not get rich quick?

There is nothing inherently wrong with getting rich quick. The issue is more that people get rich without understanding how wealth works, and thus lose their wealth. They do not have the thoughts or energetic countenance to maintain wealth for a prolonged period. It typically takes people a long time to understand how the game works and they just have to invest and let time work its magick. If you have $1 billion or $100, the principles will remain largely the same in terms of maintaining your wealth, in that you need to invest it and maintain a positive outlook.

So I can simply do nothing and money will flow in?

Actually, yes. Though it depends on the manner of your doing nothing. If you sit in doubt, nothing will happen. If you sit for an hour contemplating how rich you are and how great life is, then you could easily be the beneficiary of a phone call or email opportunity. Most of the worlds richest people sit and do nothing. CEOs do little work, aside from convincing other people they are working hard. Most recording artists write their best songs in 5 minutes (Sia, Lady Gaga, etc). The only people who believe in working for money are those who do not understand it. It all stems from your receptivity and your subtle vibrations, which do take time to master.

But isn't wealth is an impediment to spiritual growth?

Wealth is an important part of spiritual growth. The relationship between a human being and its material objects is a fundamental aspect of this continuum and an incredible learning platform. It is actually a central fulcrum of this entire matrix, and you can have fun playing with it.

Attachments are an impediment to spiritual growth. Some people prefer to reduce the level of possessions they have so they live off a tiny amount. There is nothing wrong with this either. They are just different paths. You can be an enlightened Yogi or an enlightened business person, or both. A defining feature of both people is that they are independent of others and are self-reliant, whether by shunning possessions or by acquiring great wealth without attachment.

And as you are most likely in a Western society, wealth acquisition may be more suitable, though you can mix and match depending on your preference. When you do get rich, you can do experiments in consciousness for a few months at a time living off few possessions. Contrasting experiences are always very valuable for soul evolution.

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