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Multi-Dimensional Thinking In Action - The Wonderful Power Of The Magic Mind

I want to write about one of the most important concepts that needs to be understood by the human species. This is what is meant by ‘Higher Mind’, at least from the multidimensional aspects.

I will be writing about this quite a lot, because it is ‘required reading’ for the new human, Homo Galacticus. Remember, you don’t want to study a ‘subject’. You want to study your mind, so you can intuitively understand a subject immediately without any delay, from numerous angles.

This can serve to completely eliminate judgment and debates, because you are not looking at something from a single perspective. Approach all subjects from as many angles as possible, and you will have synthesis.

I’m going to give a painful example from my own life to demonstrate the idea. Then I will give many perspectives on that multidimensional event, as an example of the multidimensional higher mind in action, as opposed to the dualistic and opposed lower mind.

The Event: The Galactic Scribe had his mind-body taken over by a Reptile Scourge monster. The creature had root level access to all of his thoughts, emotions, clairsenses, past lives, and connections. Rinzalzaphone was drugged and implanted throughout the procedure and in a kind of trance. He posted a lot of vile online content and was kicked out of an Ashram because of it. The Ashram members also conducted the online exorcism. When Rinzalaphone came back to body, he was not impressed.

A couple of weeks later, after much painful integration, he decided to consult the Higher Mind for its thoughts on the matter, and see which perspectives held true.

Perspective 1 - Due to the lower vibration resonances of the Galactic Scribe, a Reptilian Scourge monster took over his body-mind and exacted punishment. He was not strong enough for the Ashram, caused a lot of damage, and will spend years paying off his karma. This is a terrible event never again to be repeated. Lessons must be learned.

Perspective 2 - This was a Divine Intervention that has the result of strengthening the Ashram and the Galactic Scribe. Without Reptile, he would be nowhere near as strong, because it acted as a catalyst for healing and higher teachings. If it were not for the invasion, he would be in a much worse place in terms of spiritual evolution. Same for Ashram.

Perspective 3 - This occurred due to the movement of the planets. After a consultation with a cosmic astrologer, Pluto was opposite of his Sun, a move known to stimulate much turmoil. The planets stimulated the takeover to a large degree and it was foreordained/predestined. However, it was possible that the foreordained event would have been represented in a higher format than what happened.

Perspective 4 - Due to certain traumas in the body-mind of the Galactic Scribe, the Reptile was invited in at a higher level as a form of cathartic release. It taught him to be more in touch with his body, especially the Sacral-Hara Chakra. This was a Divine healing mechanism, but still served to damage the Ashram in a wider sense.

Perspective 5 - This happened due to a spiritual glamor in relation to finance. This allowed the Reptile initial access. You cannot fight the system using money, which is the system. Without this glamor, the Reptile would never have gained entry and things would be moving along wonderfully. If thoughts had been guarded, all would have been fine.

Perspective 6 - This occurred due the work Scribe was doing with a healer. She told him that he would be undergoing a cathartic release of every single thing that hindered his enlightenment, and that it would feel like falling down a mountain. He laughed at her, signaling that he was made of tough stuff and was immune to such attacks. As luck would have it, his immunity was not quite as robust as it appeared.

Perspective 7 - This occurred due to the unprocessed emotions in the sacral and throat chakras, primarily. Due to a Reptilian implant while still a child, the Scribe was cut off from inherent life force energy. This added to the frustration of being unable to communicate why his life force was reduced, because explaining to the humans that you have a foot long live electrical implant swimming around your belly button is not socially acceptable. The life force reduction in the Sacral could not be properly expressed, thus linked to Throat Chakra frustration and anger energetics. Everything is indeed linked.

Perspective 8 - The Ashram made this choice deliberately, taking a risk. Rinzalzaphone had energetically left the Ashram 6 months prior, but an "agreement" was made on Higher Levels. He was then contacted by a member of the Ashram and asked to complete a book editing process. He was given 2 files - a Pleadian file and a Reptilian file. None of these files are actually available within the official site. It was a choice between the Rose or the Thorn, and unfortunately the Thorn came to the fore.

The Higher Mind Synthesis - Everything that happened to Rinzalaphone/Scribe was symbolic of what was going on in the outer world and in the Ashram. As above, so Below. The cathartic release he undertook was a purification for him personally, and the Ashram itself underwent a cathartic release. It is ultimately healing and serves as a catalyst for spiritual growth. It makes everyone better healers of everyone and encourages forgiveness, love, and empathy for all parties.

Rinzalzaphone is thanked on certain levels for his willingness to take on the Reptilian Scourge Monster as a teacher. On his personality level of awareness, he is strongly advised to be careful regarding his thoughts and to tune in towards Christ Consciousness. There is no longer any time to waste and time is of the essence.


So, you can actually see things from multiple angles and nothing is 100% True or 100% False. It depends on the perspective you choose to adopt. Everything is perspective.

What do you say, dear reader?

How about expanding your scope of perception into a Crystalline Merkaba instead of a linear looking glass?

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