My Life in Scientific Notation

If you take a look at the picture above, it will seem like gibberish. The reason, mainly, is because it is gibberish. But it’s gibberish that I have written, and it makes sense to me. So you could say that I’ve invented a language that only I can understand.

  • The M stands for meditation. The 2 expresses the fact that I’ll be doing it twice a day.

  • The Y stands for yoga. The 3 expresses the fact that I’ll be doing it three times a week.

  • The IF stands for intermittent fasting. 10 - 6 is the maximum eating range, AM to PM.

These are the basic daily parameters on which I run my daily life. They are my default. If you don’t have default parameters, life gets chaotic. I have other forms of advancement and evolution, but they take on a more intuitive and spontaneous nature. I typically get light language, work, emails, sacred reading, sacred writing, alchemy products, etc, done between the meditations in this notation.

But I don’t really have these other items as concrete tasks. Because you can get too granular. The Divine Feminine won’t be too happy with overexertion, and she’ll explode if we don’t give her some space to move.

Other kinds of scientific notation expressing my self development might be ‘24DF2’. Again, complete gibberish, but something I like to pin to my wall as a reminder. It stands for '24 hour dry fast every 2 weeks'. 3WJF is a yearly 3 week juice fast. With this fast comes a different series of meditations, and it’s done in a tropical environment.

So, this is essentially how I view my development. It’s good to crystallise your critical daily and yearly activities on a high level, in a language that is meaningful to you. You can think that it's a little extreme. But I hold them fairly lightly in my consciousness. They are a default template which I gravitate towards. I don’t really view them as ‘tasks to get done’ as that’s quite a damaging state of consciousness. They are just gentle reminders that I can effortlessly execute on.

There’s nothing really difficult about any of the items. But it’s definitely worth jotting them down as mindful reminders of really important evolutionary practices. Otherwise, you’re just a matrix person floating subconsciously down the stream of life.

What’s your scientific notation look like?

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