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Nutrition and Spiral Dynamics

Evolution happens in a spiral. By spiral, imagine a seashell except the curves go upwards. At every revolution of the spiral, you’re on the same vertical line than before, simply higher. Time is also a spiral, not a circle. You evolve on every revolution of the wheel, not ending up at exactly the same place.

Remember that sacred geometry shapes your thoughts. The better your geometry, the better your thought. Thinking in a circle is better than thinking in straight lines, but does come close to thinking in spirals. Thinking in terms of spheres is better again, and thinking in terms of parallel lines, circles, spheres, and spirals at once is better again. It really goes on forever, but since we’re all pretty much on the bottom, let's take it one step at a time.

The key takeaway here is that evolution happens in spirals, and you can apply this geometry to every single aspect of existence. At a beginner's stage of the spiral, the humans ate meat, and this was perfect. They then graduated and ate vegetables, then fruit, then prana, and finally the Divine Amrita (let’s put all thoughts of Lemuria and Atlantis aside for now for the purposes of this thought experiment).

The food that a person consumes is relevant to their unique position on the spiral. So if you tell a meat eater to eat only lettuce and kale, he’ll die. In other words, lettuce and kale are poisonous foods to that person. He does not assimilate them well. Telling a vegan to eat prana also makes no sense, and the vegan will have to reincarnate so he can learn not to listen to bad advice. Telling a pranic practitioner to do without water will also result in death until the person is ready. It's not about finding the right things to eat. It's about eating to suit your spiritual evolution, your zodiac, your dosha, and basically eating what is right for you. What the scientists and everybody else says is irrelevant.

This applies also to spiritual teachings. 99% of the population would be repulsed by the frank and honest nature of these words. They would not be able to digest them. They might even say that these words are ‘false’, simply because they are unsuitable for them. In the exact same way that Kale was not suitable for the meat eater.

Nutritional evolution is a spiral. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. You might graduate from a particular food type, but this does not mean that it’s bad or good. Just that it gave you what you needed at that time, much like reading a book. The book might still be perfect for other people down the line. You just need to respect where you are and slowly make your way up your spiral.

Everybody has their own theory about food. The single biggest error you can make is to judge people for their (highly personal) decision regarding what they put into their bodies. At all times, tend to your own spiral, and leave others to do their own thing.

Paradoxically, you can eat what you want and you’ll make your way up the spiral more rapidly than you would if you tried to improve your nutrition. Existence does have a sense of humour.

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