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On Muggles & Magicians

It’s extremely frustrating dealing with people who don’t see what you see. Nowhere is this more apparent than when discussing the COVID hoax with the chronic sleepers. But I want to point out why exactly this is the case. Because this argument is nothing new. It’s the same argument you are having regardless of the context.

There are two broad types of people. The first type are imaginative, creative, abstract (Magicians). The second type is practical, dense, and ‘rational’ (Muggles). The second type of people will only believe something when you give them physical evidence. They are not able to deduce anything meaningful. They want an authority to tell them what to believe, because they have outsourced their thinking faculties to authorities. You are always going to lose against the Muggle, by the way. There is literally no way to win when arguing against a reduced state of consciousness. Here’s why.

The Muggle is only interested in physical reality. They don’t actually believe in the quantum realm, parallel universities, or life after death. Because these physical creatures are so physically orientated and chained to this reality, they only believe in physically related phenomena. Of course, the ultimate ‘physical’ phenomena to the Muggles is death. Which, to a Magician, is a joyful transition.

Where does every COVID argument end up? Like this: ‘My friend/aunt/uncle/cousin/cat died. So it's real. And therefore I win.’ is how it ends up. They think that because of ‘death’ all actions are necessary. Even locking up the entire population against their will. This kind of makes sense psychologically from a Muggle perspective.

If you believe that death is the worst thing that can happen (as opposed to taking a vaccine and being shipped to a slave economy in the next lifetime, which is a lot worse), then all measures would need to be taken to prevent it. Unlike Magicians, Muggles have never really learned how to enjoy life, which is the grand irony of it all. They have never actually been alive, and such monstrous zombie creatures seek to make everybody else like them, albeit unconsciously.

You might (though I highly doubt it) be able to reach them by reflecting their own stupid reasoning back to them. If the entire world gets shut down because of ‘deaths’ caused by COVID, why don’t we shut down the traffic, air, and freight system? People die here too. They kind of understand analogy and parables.

I’ve been making the same argument for life with the sleepers for a long time now. Airports security is one of the most unnecessary and pointless inventions ever made. But because George Bush decided to blow up certain centers in America 20 years ago, you can’t touch it. It’s the fear argument. The Muggles will always resort to fear as opposed to freedom. They are fear-based consciousness that need external items to protect them from all the imaginary boogeymen.

To delve a little deeper, the Muggle is enamoured with the 'what is'. They are entangled with what already exists. And they will always argue for what already exists and continue with it, regardless of how stupid it is. Let’s say you’re an Irish politician and you decide that every single home needs to have a 40 foot stainless steel gate to keep away burglars, unicorns, and fairies. Initially, the people will be in uproar, violently opposed to such a foolish notion.

Now, imagine the gates have been installed for 8 years. At this point, if you try to tell the Muggles that the gates are pointless and too expensive, they will tell you that you’re wrong. Guaranteed. They will take to the streets to keep their gates which are valuable, precious, and highly necessary.

And they’ll win the argument. Because they can claim that the burglars, unicorns and fairies will come in otherwise! Fear always wins. They always argue for what is already in place, and logic, intuition, or reason simply does not come into it.

Now, I understand that this seems like a childish and trivial argument. So allow me to replace the Gates. We have the education system, the medical system, the financial system, the airline security system, insurance system, etc. And if you suggest anything different within these mind-numbingly moronic paradigms you will be ridiculed and opposed.

They always argue for what already exists, even if it is of zero benefit. They have no imagination, no visualisation, no abstract reasoning, and no independent thinking skills. Because your intelligence exists in the subtle, beautific and holy realms while their stupidity exists in the dense, material, and mundane realms, they have a huge advantage.

Muggle psychology would advise you to get a 9-5 job, a marriage, a mortgage, a pension plan, and health insurance. Otherwise, you’re ‘at risk’. They seek safety.

Magician psychology would advise you to live life to the full, without getting ensnared, whatever form that takes. They seek expansion.

Which one are you?

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