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A Multidimensional Guide to Coffee

Given that there is so little insightful and multidimensional information on the internet, I thought I’d chime in on a few subjects with information that actually adds some depth to the discussion. I’m not in any way advanced, but everything is relative, and humans are a remarkably dense bunch.

Before we delve into what coffee is, there is an incredibly important point I need to make (and will be making in many more posts) about nutrition and existence at large. It’s that your vibration takes center stage and your soul detests limitations of all kinds.

This is relevant because if you tell a child or a soul that they ‘can’t’ have that, it’s the first thing it will go for. If you really want a burger or a cup of coffee and it’s denied to you, it will cause far more harm than any potential toxins or components within the food. On a clairvoyant level, such limitation will quickly result in dimming of light in the auric field. All prohibitions or limitations of the soul will lead to this and it takes precedence above all else. The takeaway is that if a cup of coffee gives you a sense of empowerment and freedom, then have a cup every now and again.

Now, to the meat of the discussion. Like all forms of consciousness, coffee seeks to find expression and to grow. And one way that it does this is by hijacking (or merging, to use a more polite word) with human consciousness. You’re not actually yourself when you’re on the Brown Stuff. You have an interest in the completion of tasks and in doing stuff that you would normally have no interest in. And it quickly becomes a mindless empty consumption. Before you know it, you have had a cup of Joe daily for 3 months. How time flies when coffee runs the mind.

This was a central reason why coffee has been allowed to proliferate into mainstream society while marijuana and other substances were banned by the planetary rulers. How else would millions of people consent to working in a cubicle with mindless spreadsheets all day long? It increased the profit of the rulers, kept the masses from true spiritual intelligence, and was a relatively large contributor to the status quo. Above all else, the masses must be kept distracted, and the game of coffee and apparent evolution is an excellent tool for this purpose.

Coffee keeps you where you are, but gives you the illusion of progression. It’s a little like working in a corporation for 40 years and you get more and more money and more and more titles and houses and other things. Without learning a damn thing about existence. Now, plenty of people may have congratulated you and told you how great and productive you were, and this adds to the problem as you were relying on outside validation. It’s a trap, and a subtle one that is encouraged by a very ‘malnourished’ society.

So, the two most relevant areas have been covered: vibration and spiritual progression. Not so good for either, though it does have some positive effects on your vibration in certain scenarios, on a short term basis (I’m not 100% anti-coffee here, just exploring some effects that are never mentioned in the thousands of other articles about food at large and using a single item as a vehicle for a more multidimensional/quantum exploration).

So, what are the actual physiological effects of coffee? A pure spiritual adept would obviously not be too concerned with death but with quality of life/now moments. Death, after all, is worked at daily by billions of people with billions of negative beliefs and is a transition from one illusion into the other. However, coffee alters your brainwave, shallows the breath, and increases your heart rate. All spiritual practitioners would be mightily concerned with these elements. Thought, breath, and heart are all closely linked (heart, throat, and third eye).

If you modulate one, it modulates the other two. The breath and heart rate will always increase with an increase in the speed of thought. In meditation, you can still the breath, or still the mind. But stilling one will still the other. This also impacts your power of manifestation as you are at a Beta frequency. Any manifestations you produce on coffee will be shallow and will be short lasting, but it appears great at the time.

Brainwaves/thought, breath, and heart rate need to be closely monitored and gently modulated. If these speed up, your lifespan will decrease. If the heart is a pump, then it will give out sooner with an increased heart rate. The respiratory system operates in a similar fashion, and the same is the case with the mind. People of a vata constitution have rapid minds and they think more. As a result, they are far more susceptible to neurological disorders due to their overuse of this particular system. And, on a more observational basis, people who think more are less happy and less energized. Coffee increases all three, remember. It allows you to overclock the mind, heart, and breath.

In short, coffee robs you of life, time, and vitality whilst giving you the appearance of the exact opposite. It will enable you to keep doing that meaningless job for years on end while nature would have forced you to abandon it pretty quickly. It seems to give you more energy, though if you could account for sleep cycles and the inevitable crash down the line you would think differently. If you are subtle, you should be able to pick up on the subtle intraday recessions/energetic crashes brought about by coffee.

A large part of the multidimensional path relies on evening out the wave of polarity. So we want to look for a gentle upward gradient, and not a dangerous spike. Coffee spikes you. Moreover, it works on the same neurological pathways of the brain as cocaine does. Coffee is just a more subtle cocaine with similar but smaller effects.

As for the positive effects, they are also present. Coffee contains fire energy and it's excellent for digestion, motivation, and certain kinds of creativity. It prevents depression and apathy, and is far more acceptable than other remedies in this area. People suffering from lack of motivation or lethargy, often of a kapha disposition, can benefit from a cup in the morning.

In other words, it’s not the worst, and far from the best. Most 3D humans can benefit from it as long as they take regular breaks. 5 days on 2 days off, with at least 30 days a year completely free might be ok. It’s important to get at least some time for clear thought and perfect sleep.

Serious spiritual adepts will not be partaking often, or at all.


In true spiritual and multidimensional fashion, some of the above is paradoxical, as it should be. It’s up to you to actually decipher what coffee does on a number of multidimensional vectors.

That’s the whole point of life. You get an idea, and you test for yourself. And then you get the realization and inner knowing. Then, you forget, unfortunately, as this illusion is designed to trick you.

Just make sure not to kid yourself. Just because hundreds of millions of other people are drinking coffee by the barrel does not mean that it’s ok or an optimum lifestyle choice. In the words of Krishnamurti:

‘It’s no sign of health to be well adapted to a profoundly sick society’

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