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Pillar Page: What Is A Blue Ray Soul?

Given that there is little information out there, I thought it would be a good idea to start to outline the attributes of the Blue Ray. Your Soul Ray affects you more strongly than your sun sign's zodiac and your primary auric color (leaving aside that a skilled reader can tell everything from your zodiac or color anyway). Your Soul Ray is typically your favorite color, which is not the case with your dominant auric field color. It’s a common misconception that the auric color and soul ray are the same (see Cody Singh’s blog for more information on auric colors).

The Blue Ray is the First Ray. It is associated with Divine Will and the ‘Will To Do’. The symbol associated with the Blue Ray is the Sword. The Sword is that which cuts away falseness. Esoterically speaking, it is also that which creates. In order to create something in the first place, you literally have to ‘cut’ it out from something else to differentiate it. This is true for painting, writing, construction, horticulture, etc. It’s a Male ray, that which discriminates.

Another item associated with the Blue Ray is the pen/quill. Symbols are scribed into paper, which is a form of art. You are ‘cutting’ into the white paper with a black pen, separating one from the other. If you don’t cut out the signs, you are simply left with a white blob. Without differentiation and separation, there is no individualized existence and no creation. It all begins with Will, with separation from source.

Let go of the idea of separation being ‘bad’ for the purpose of understanding this Ray. The Blue Ray also cuts away astral entities, implants, negative thoughts, etc, from your auric field. It separates you from Maya as effectively as it separates you from Source. When you call in Archangel Michael and his Blue Sword of Truth, you are calling in the Blue Ray energy. A prime quality of the Blue Ray is Truth, along with Protection.

So the Blue Ray is associated with the Sword, with the pen, and with (s)words. All of these cut into something else to leave a sharp imprint. The Blue Ray is associated with straight lines, creating geometries but little to no colour. Blue Ray Souls have extremely powerful wills. When embodying their soul purpose, what they say manifests. It's extremely important for these souls to use their words wisely and to get clear about what they want.

The primary color of this ray is Blue, and the secondary color is red. Prominent Blue Ray Souls include Captain America, Superman, and Archangel Michael (in physical reality, Jordan Peterson might be a Blue Ray, but not 100% on this). All of these have a Blue Body with red elements. Without a strong masculine father figure (Blue Ray), none of the other rays could come into existence. It is the initiating force, that which instigates, initiates, and divides.

The Shadow aspects of the Blue Ray include dogmatism, false idealism, self-righteousness, moralism, rigid thinking, depression, overthinking, and judgmentalism. The cranky old man, in other words. The positive aspects include proactivity, integrity, nobility, willpower, truth, dignity, leadership, courage and strength. Blue Rays abhor falsity, self deception, superficiality, liberalism, and instant gratification. They are often libertarian and strong proponents of individual rights.

What few understand about the ‘Willpower’ of the Blue Ray is that its main strength comes from Divine Will. There is personality, which will result in pain. There is soul will, which will result in pleasure/mixed results. And there is divine will. Divine will is best translated to ‘willingness’. You are letting the Divine Mother/Father flow its will through you.

Here is where things can get a little screwy. Blue Rays need to establish clear boundaries between themselves and the various types of energy parasites. They need to be very clear and vocal in asserting their will, particularly in matters of manifestation and personal sovereignty. There is nothing wrong with actively commanding what you need into existence.

In terms of the higher purpose and for more esoteric practices, the Blue Ray needs to let the Divine Will take over. For all souls, not merely Blues, the number 1 attribute is willingness, not will. Lower self/personality consciousness is merely a misapplied will; as all will is God’s will anyway. The more you let the Divine Will take over, the easier your life will become. If the ego is not willing to change, which it rarely is, then it goes against karmic law for the Gods, Deities, and Masters to intervene. Thus, the state of the ego is indeed tragic but rampant on planet earth. Blues are good at pointing it out even if egos hate it. The Blues love truth, honesty, and integrity (to their detriment in its Shadow expression).

Blue Ray souls should work on the Throat Chakra, on leadership, and on their communication skills to assert what they need. While the Blue Ray is associated with Divine Will, Power, and general awesomeness, remember it’s not the ‘best’ ray. You could also say it's the most boring, or the foundations to create from, much like the foundations of a building. Without it, the structure would crumble. But it’s not all that sexy (until it disappears). The other rays give life, meaning, color, texture, and vitality to the stale, gray, inert geometries created by the Blue Ray. It divides, while others connect.

The Blue Ray, associated with Divine Masculine activity, is deeply understood. We need more Divine Masculine on the planet (along with Divine Feminine). All we have right now is distorted Masculine and distorted Feminine; which is why we have men wearing aprons and women wearing trousers in an office. Both these examples have false ideals of what it means to be a man/women.

The Deep State would not have made such progress if there was not such a lack of Divine Masculine and Blue Ray energetics, though they are not 100% interchangable. The Blue Ray energetics are what creates constitutions to protect individual rights and to prevent government/corporate infringement. Without the Blue Ray, you might not be able to maintain an individual existence; you would be a hive mind blob, much like the Grays.

We need the Blues-in-Balance. We need Divine Masculine. From there, we can build, grow, choose, and expand. Without it, we are slaves.

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