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Pillar Page: The Ultimate List Of Toxic Spiritual Misconceptions

Having no knowledge is often less harmful than knowledge misapplied. Having the wrong approach to enlightenment and self-realization can set you back years. There are many erroneous misconceptions floating about that are taken for granted, but have no truth in reality. The main ones are listed below.

Enlightenment happens in the ‘blink of an eye’.

After lifetimes of work, the foundation is typically set for the ‘blink of an eye’ transformation. And every single second of activity laid this foundation, even if it can be said that enlightenment has nothing to do with ‘you’ in any way.

But there are actually multiple misconceptions here, and they are extremely toxic. It is far better to approach enlightenment as attitudinal and ongoing than some finite process where everything is complete. Enlightenment is the first step in evolution - not an end goal!

Where is the joy or fun in having an end goal? Life begins at enlightenment. And gets better with each passing moment. And in the interim, enjoy each moment as much as you can. Only when you understand that there is no completion or end point, will you be happy in the now moment.

The Ego Disappears Upon Enlightenment.

You could say that the Ego solidifies upon enlightenment. The Ego is the focused, solid, earthly element that is inflexible. But enlightened individuals can be sharp, angry, frustrated, and vocal. What use is an enlightened person that does not use words, thoughts, and emotions?

There is a tendency to believe that enlightened people have 100% decanted themselves of thoughts and emotion. Though they exhibit a level of mastery over thoughts and emotions, this is not true. Thoughts and emotions are seen as passing clouds. But where useful, the enlightened Beings will summon a thunderstorm. Enlightenment is not just an endless field of unicorns and daisies. Is an infinitely Blue sky not boring and mundane?

The ego is used as a vehicle similar to a car. The enlightened soul is simply not identified with it. The ego is vital to the creation process and needs to be expanded so it can be integrated into the Higher Self. It’s experiences are valid. Without Ego, there is no creation.

Life is ultimately meaningless.

Meaning is assigned by you. That's why the word ‘me’ is in ‘meaningless’. You assign value to events and there are many magical things you can do with your mind and your many other Divine faculties.

This might seem to be quite a problem initially but will eventually become quite a wonderful experience, to consciously assign meaning to things instead of having them assigned by society.

Ironically, when you hear about a spiritual teacher talking about life being meaningless, you are accepting this ‘meaning’ or context from them. You don’t have to accept meaning from anybody, including the Buddha, Quan Yin, Sananda, Maitreya, or anybody else, incarnated or otherwise.

It’s probably better to believe that every action, large and small, has a huge meaning and impact on everything else in an interconnected universe. An alternative meaning of life is that it exists for your play and enjoyment. As parents, what kind of experience would you like for your children? As above, so below.

Spiritual advice is generally the same for everybody.

No! Absolutely not. When you start connecting to your spirit guides or directly to God Consciousness, the advice you get is extremely personalized. You can get told to take drugs, eat red meat, have more sex, travel, purchase a VPN, maintain your digital privacy, fire some employees, be more assertive, leave your family, or any great amount of things that are misperceived by human consciousness as being ‘non spiritual’. This is why generic spiritual teachings are so dangerous.

God-Orientated Spirituality is the most practical thing on Earth. You will be told to balance whatever is imbalanced. So if you are too focused on a particular area, you often need to do the opposite to find a resolution. For example, if you spent 10 years practicing sexual Kung Fu, it might be a good idea to have sex with multiple escorts, if it results in a release, alternative perspective, or an overall balance. T

This sort of activity is a ‘bad thing’ from the human perspective, but God has never been all that interested in human perspectives. If you have an imbalance in your chakras or any repressed areas, then it needs to be counteracted. This is identical to TCM, Ayurveda, and all other instances of correct medicine. An imbalance is counteracted with its opposite quality (when there is an imbalance).

The above examples of drugs, sexuality and red meat are quite rare but should serve to get the point across. When God is giving you direct messages, don’t try to put your human misconceptions upon it. Spiritual evolution is not standardized in terms of the form. Depending on your blockages, different techniques will be used.

Do yourself a favor. Choose God and your Soul over general societal norms. You do not have to line up with others in the lightworker movement.

The New Age/Lightworker Movement is unified, harmonious, and provides a coherent and united front against the bad guys. Let's do this guys, we got this.

You don’t ‘got’ anything Juliana. The New Age Movement is about as uniform as a shattered mirror. There are many different teachings and frameworks which are suitable for different souls at different stages of their development. Glamor, Maya, and Illusion abound everywhere, in subtle ways. Many remain unable to do the deep work necessary and prefer spiritual bypassing. There is always deeper work.

As evidenced from this post, misconceptions abound. A lot of activity needs to be done internally as well as in the supposedly outer environment with intelligent galactic factions. Remember that the human species love to worship anything other than themselves. They will try to fill the void with the first Galactic species that makes themselves known, benevolent or otherwise.

True Unity Consciousness and an I AM ONE WORLD NATION will take place in about 300 years, all things going well. In the meantime, sit back and chill out. We’re still just a bunch of infants compared to the Masters and some of the Ultra Cool Galactic citizens roaming the Cosmos.

A lot of the Galactic Civilizations don’t quite ‘get on’ with one another. They tend to blow each other up, including entire planets. And we are all seeded from many different places, some of which don’t ‘get on’.

Life is easy and effortless.

A wonderful teaching. But not fully understood. First, you have contractual setups prior to incarnation. It’s likely that there are some areas of your life which are simply not effortless, regardless of what you do. This is for the purpose of spiritual growth.

Practices of effortlessness and flow are terrific. But a better approach would probably be 20% effort with 80% effortlessness. The initial phase of a given endeavor takes effort, and after that it becomes effortless. You can always look to nature for affirmation of natural principles. A rocket needs a monumental amount of effort to break away from the Earth's atmosphere. After that, it travels effortlessly in outer space.

Don’t be afraid of putting in effort, especially in the beginning of projects. Giving birth and learning a new language take effort, but the rewards are long-lasting. Perhaps you will remember the most effortful stages, the most fondly.

The whole concept of being a Starseed is a lie and a trap. There is only unity consciousness and the Absolute.

A Lie to who? Souls are free to make their own decisions in terms of what reality ‘is’. Just because you have identified yourself with an ideology surrounding Unity Consciousness and the Absolute is no justification for you imposing it on other individuals. The negative ego loves nothing more than feeling superior based on having the ‘right’ belief system.

Many concepts and ideas bring a soul closer to Unity Consciousness and the Absolute, in Divine Timing and Order. Just because the idea of being a Starseed triggers your ego is not cause for passing judgment on others.

Ascension is joyful and easy.

During ‘Ascension’, expect to feel a range of emotions from shame all the way to Bliss. Your body is literally mutating, so you need to do a lot of body work. And you can expect quite a lot of sleepless nights due to influxes of energy.

Your most hurtful, toxic energies will have to come up for transmutation. It’s something of a rollercoaster. And it is not a steady upward slope. The graph is wavy and it can seem very inconsistent.

The good news is that the trend is definitely upwards and you do tend to stabilize the more work you do (work having various meanings here). But the spectrum of experience is where a lot of growth lies.

My mission is to affect billions of people.

Not really. You have many missions, big and small. You might need to start a family, visit an elderly person, or go to a monastery for 5 years. Your mission might be to train somebody in a particular way so that they can affect billions of people. Maybe a small following of 10,000 people is right for you.

Remember that numbers are illusory. One Enlightened Being is more powerful than One Million Flatlanders. If you yourself become enlightened, then you could say you effected billions, by focusing on the self.

If you see it, you got it.

That would imply that Buddha, Christ, Krishnamurti, St. Germain, Osho, El Morya, Teal Swan, Magenta Pixie, Patricia Lori, the Artcurians, the Sirians, the Pleiadian, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael, and every other Divine Being have all ‘got it’. In other words, the idea that you always only see something that is within yourself is completely false, in the vast majority of cases.

A large part of spiritual evolution means to be able to observe a phenomenon objectively, with a minimum of emotional response. You can only proceed if you learn to observe something non-judgmentally. If you don’t observe negative tendencies and call them out, they will continue to subconsciously rule you.

Emotions need to be expressed at all costs.

Yes. Provided you express them consciously, after identifying the emotion first. There is a difference between identifying issues of anger and then consciously expressing it in some way, as opposed to being ruled by your anger and then expressing it automatically without awareness.

As you observe it, it will fade. But conscious expression (i.e channeling) is even better. The worst case scenario is when you don’t express it outwardly, even unconsciously. Energy that is not outwardly expressed will always result in an internal energy blockage. Emotions are powerful movements of energy.

You do not exist, all activity is pointless.

The Zen response to this would be to push you into a river or to steal your wallet. You would quite quickly realize that you do exist, and that it's better to get over your intellectual bullshit and live skillfully.

By saying you don’t exist, it's also true that you exist as everything. Imagine if every single unit of existence, such as ants, bees, and birds, gave up their activity due to “I don’t exist”-induced depression?

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