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Precept Six - Self Expression

The inverted 3D matrix is designed to support self repression instead of self expression. People are incentivized to suppress their real and true soul level desires and work for corporations and government.

The choice is whether to work for a corporation or government and get a good job with a stable income that will provide for you and your family, or to ‘work’ for your own soul regardless of the circumstances. Freedom or safety. How much do you trust the inherent nature of the universe?

The choice is yours. But if you work for another person or group, you are, literally, trading your soul for money, which can only express itself creatively. Ego mind is logic, sequentiality, rationality, and fear based. Soul is spontaneous, intuitive, flowing, and love based. Through the ego mind, you will merely exist. Though the soul, you will live. If it's not soul based, it's not worth a dime, regardless of your material circumstances.

Any kind of artistic endeavour is the expression of your subconsciousness. You have both angels and daemons in there that all seek expression. And they deserve it, too. You will be supported in your artistic endeavors by many non physical helpers, but that’s not really the point. It’s far better to live an inspired life like Mozart or Tesla than to live a sequential life like the multitude of (rather miserable) millionaires and billionaires.

It is unfortunate that the human soul has become so tied to money that it thinks lack of materials is a reason for selling itself. It actually uses this as an excuse even when it genuinely believes it is talking to God!

In times past, there were citizens of character who would happily prefer to die than to sell themselves. Now, people actually send their applications to their corporate overlords! What a twist in the tale of Planet Earth. And not for the better.

Find a way to creatively express yourself. In any case, you will be supported (but you should not really care). If every soul expressed itself without thought of financial gain much financial gain would be provided, not that it would matter. Your soul's genuine self expression is worth all the jewels on the planet. And you can only realize this fact when you commit to authentic self expression on a daily basis.

It’s not something that happens in a short space of time. But when you make the breakthrough of uninhibited self expression, time and space (3D) will completely collapse.

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