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Precept Nine - Divine Spaciousness

This might have been the very first precept. Everything comes from empty space, including you. Your body is still composed of 99.99 empty space. From a very scientific and technical standpoint, you are in an illusion where things seem solid and tangible.

Consider that, right now, you are still in ‘outer space’. But you are within a kind of pressurized container inside outer space, known as Planet Earth, with its force of gravity pinning you down. And gravity is only the most obvious force you are contending with. All your interactions have an effect of ‘magnetizing’ you in a particular direction. Thoughts and emotions are electromagnetic.

Your auric field is interacting with hundreds and thousands and millions of other thoughts, frequencies and emotions, 24/7. They are pulling and repulsing you and other all the time. When you encounter a negative situation, what actually happens is that your auric field contracts. You feel a lack of space. Hemmed in. This is often experienced in the upper chest region and a shallow breath. A clairvoyance will see dark patches in particular locations within your auric field.

On the other hand, what happens if you go to the beach and sit there for 2 hours gazing at the ocean? Or into the woods? Your auric field and your wider field of awareness expands. But when you come back to mainstream society this space is filled up with objects such as phones, TVs, people, buildings, cars, etc etc etc. Most electronic physical objects reduce your space and are actively harmful. Sounds are very much a physical object with space-reducing qualities also for the human vehicle.

The masters on the planet can take infinite space with them into the world of seemingly limited space. The disciples, chelas and aspirants will need to attend retreats and ashrams and spacious areas frequently to enhance their sense of spaciousness. Artists and writers tend to go into retreats because this is the only time they have the space to think for themselves and produce Divine works of Art. This is very difficult to do when space is taken up in a modern environment. The modern environment is designed to reduce your space, and thus your Divinity.

As space and time are illusions, negative energetics and frequencies can travel to you from all directions across time and space (the basis for Black Magic). So space/time away from mainstream society (which is illusion and fear-based) is something of a prerequisite for spiritual expansion. This was done by every single master, from Jesus to Buddha, and with good reason.

You cannot expand if your space is taken up by another, and if you live in a mainstream environment, it invariably will be, to greater or lesser degrees. Within the mainstream environment, remember to create space through enjoyable activities: walks in nature, Yoga, Tai Chi, exercise, saunas, steam rooms, and anything else that serves to create space within you.

To sum up, the 3D illusion is based on seeming limitation, and this seeming limitation results in a sensation of reduced space (‘I don’t have enough money/time to do this project or buy this object'). As a result of this limitation, the auric field is reduced and less energy flows throughout the chakric system.

If this is prolonged, the results of reduced etheric space can be observed in the physical vehicle via its posture and ultimately to the myriad of diseases that humans experience, from cancer to heart disease.

Needless to say, tend to your space and you will treat the cause, not the effect.

The bottom line is that you are still in outer space, but there are lots of items and pressures around you within the Earth Sphere. You are, right now, in Heaven. Heaven is infinite spaciousness. It's an empty loading program where you can manifest what you want. You can fill the space with whatever it is that you wish. Just don't get caught up in all of your creations and allow for some space in between.

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