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Precept Five - The Power of Thought, Emotion, & Vibration

There is a close link between all thought, emotions, and vibration. Vibration is more refined than thoughts or emotions. Vibration will lead to thoughts and emotions. Thoughts and emotions can also lead to vibration. Physical movements can lead to thoughts and emotions. Thoughts and emotions can lead to physical movements.

For the sake of simplicity, we can say that all the material universe is made up of vibration, commonly referred to as energy. We want to vibrate as high as we can, though it's certainly not as straightforward as eating green vegetables and doing Yoga Asanas. They help, but are over emphasised.

If you really want to change yourself and change the world, all you have to do is be nice to people. This might sound trite and silly to many people. But try to comprehend the deeper significance.

Your subtle thoughts and emotions about a person, place, or event are real things. They exist in the astral realms. And they have a giant and enormous effect. By making an effort every day to send out positive vibrations to people you can make a tangible difference in their world. Simply paying somebody a compliment can make a huge difference to their world. And it's not possible to affect somebody else without being affected.

This does not have to be rocket science (a field made needlessly complex by human minds). Just make a philosophy out of making the world and everybody you encounter feel better, feel good about who they are and what they came here for.

When the words ’change the world’ are expressed, the human often feels they have to write a novel, create an ashram, or set up a multibillion dollar business. All we mean is that you tip the waitress, smile at her, and enjoy your food.

Ironically, if you do this consistently enough and emit good vibrations at as many people as possible, the books and ashrams and businesses will effortlessly follow suit, but you won’t really care.

The point was merely to make the waitress smile.

Because the smile of the waitress and the positive vibration she feels is all that matters, and all that ever will.

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