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Precept Four - Spiral Dynamics & Sacred Geometry

Though this is not quite known to many people, they think in sacred geometry. Their thoughts are actually structured in a space/time via certain geometries. Unfortunately, most think in a straight line only.

This is not a joke - I’m being very sincere. They think, literally, in terms of getting from one place to another. Point A to Point B. They think in terms of increasing the line financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically. And if they are one point of the line, they think the other point is ridiculous. The previous precept in relation to polarisation is based on a line. The two opposite ends are part of one another, and don’t even know it!

But evolution happens in spirals. And the correct approach for a person at a given point in the spiral will be completely different from another individual at a different point. To a caveman, teaching them to catch squirrels might be a correct approach. But to a more enlightened and civilised culture, teaching them to live on plants would be more appropriate. A particular phase, once useful, is being replaced.

Linear thinking only allows a right/wrong mentality based on judgement and limitation. Spiral thinking allows people to see the different dynamics at play. People at different stages of the spiral can have arguments because they think in different geometries and have different values and beliefs.

Even with the ‘New Age’ or ‘Golden Age’ that is being birthed, many have a somewhat one dimensional view of life on planet earth. A life that is seen as standardised across the planet. But this won’t really be the case, at least not for many centuries. Because there will always be different people at different stages of evolution, and this is the case on planet earth more so than any other place in this entire universe.

The worst thing that could be done here would be to imagine that there is a single correct way to run a locality, country, or planet and demand that every country should band together and adopt a similar system - which defeats the very purpose of creation itself, based on free will and individual choices. The socialists have tried it, the communists have tried it, the capitalists have tried it, the churches have tried it, the Dark Forces are trying it. It can’t work. In line with universal law, starseeds have been sent back through time and space to rebalance the imbalance caused by ignorant thinking and free will violations.

There is much more than could be said about sacred geometry. But such understandings are not linear or easily conveyed. It is recommended to find some of the various mandalas and symbols and to extract knowledge from them directly.

The process is quite easy and straightforward. Gaze at the center of the object and defocus your gaze. You will notice that different parts of the mandala come alive or to prominence based on your focus. Depending on your perspective, different truths are revealed to you. This cannot be emphasised, highlighted, or bolded enough. Your perspective determines what is revealed to you.

With this in mind, you might appreciate the advice of making a decision to be happy and grateful first thing in the morning. There are other ways of decoding mandalas, such as focusing on your nose and then looking at the Mandala. The image will split into two and then become three and then one.

To tie all of this up, we will leave you with the dice metaphor, even though it's not actually a metaphor but an exact description of how reality operates in practice. A hovering dice will show different numbers to 6 people depending on their position when they view it (up, down, bottom, top, strange, charmed, left, right). Which perspective is correct?

  1. All of them.

  2. None of them.

  3. Each individually to the exclusion of the others.

  4. Every possible combination.

The answer is that all of the above 4 answers are correct. And none of them are. And each individually. And every possible combination .

You were probably not thought this kind of thinking in school.

Welcome to multidimensionality!

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