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Precept One - Inversion

Everything in 3D is, in fact, an inversion. This is not the same as saying that it’s counterintuitive. It means that the 3D world is 100% a mirror, showing you the exact opposite. Like a mirror, it shows quite a compelling image of you, except in reverse.

Can you imagine a world where billions of people believed that everything the mirror showed them was true, without really comprehending that it was actually the opposite of the truth? You don’t have to imagine, because you’re already there.

This fact has never been more obvious with what is termed ‘mainstream media’ by human consciousness, and it's rather embarrassing attempts to manipulate the population with the ‘news’.

But inversion applies to every single facet of 3D existence. It’s not an ‘aberration’ or a ‘feature’ or a ‘flaw’. It’s the core operating system. This is so that the soul can have a particular experience - an experience based on illusion. The inversion is the illusion. 3D is an illusion. 3D is an inversion.

  1. Health care will make you sick.

  2. Education will make you ignorant.

  3. The media reports only things that are not true.

  4. The legal system supports rampant criminality.

  5. The government exists purely to oppress and lie to its people.

  6. DNA crippling viruses are touted as vaccines.

  7. People destroy their now moment to have happiness in a future moment.

  8. There are fears of food shortage in a world of obesity and overeating.

  9. There is a never-ending and expanding universe, and humans are worried about not having enough.

Most people will look at these and ponder and contemplate and think that it's a little odd, but the message does not really sink in. The message is that every single aspect of human culture is a lie, an inversion, a non-truth.

The marriage system is one of possession and ownership: “I am yours and you are mine”. The mortgage system is one of perpetual financial enslavement. Seat belts, car insurance, health insurance, anything that is enforced upon you is an enslavement mechanism. Because things that are true do not need enforcement. Only things that are fake need enforcement.

This is something that, sadly, the majority of humans cannot understand. Their egos won’t allow them to. But it's an unequivocal precept. Any time you outsource your reality to an entity of any kind, you are enslaving yourself. All of the social systems designed to increase your quality of life decrease your quality of life in a slower and more systematic fashion.

This does not denigrate certain other precepts such as being grateful for your environment or looking at the positive side of life. But you still have to detach yourself from the matrix: an environment built on social norms that are viewed as essential but are, in fact, the opposite - complete evil, artistically presented.

In any case, so-called positives are mainly found outside of human culture. Even the things that you believe came from within human culture, such as technology, were a gift from Galactic factions. The gift was then used to oppress humanity under the guise of social norms for the ‘protection’ of the human species. Yet another inversion.

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