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Precept Seven - Group Consciousness

This is not commonly thought of as a prelude to enlightenment. A person can only self-realize as an individual, right? Technically, this is correct, though group initiations are becoming more common and are the future.

Due to Draconian influences, the group has gotten a bad reputation. With the onslaught of socialism ripping apart the economic and social fabric of the globe, people prefer to tear away and do things individually without being held in bondage by group mediocrity and corruption.

This has been the case in the recent past. But there is also much power in the tribe. Anytime a person reaches a level of accomplishment, such as what is commonly termed ‘enlightenment’, they turn their attention towards planetary assistance. Not because it is some vague ideal. But because they embody unity consciousness. For them, there is no difference between themselves and others. They view themselves as extensions of Gaia and they delight in helping. For them, there is no self to develop.

On a more down-to-earth level, shamans (they still exist) want to protect and enhance their tribe. The Black Belt Master in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu dojo wants to help each member of the group to learn the art more effectively. Navy seals work as a unit, as do football teams. Individual egos will destroy the entire group for the effect of bolstering themselves a little. This is easily spotted.

Group effort enhances each member of the group and also enhances the group itself, much better than building up each individual or having stars.

Focus on bettering yourself first. Then, it’s time to think in groups. When humans start to work together in groups for the furtherance of a united cause, everything will benefit - the earth, the elementals, the individuals, the group, and, to stretch your credulity a little, the entire galaxy.

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