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Precept Three - Triplicity & Multiplicity

After one has been enabled to view life with simultaneous perspectives, it is a short step towards viewing life from three or more perspectives. This is where the ‘fun’ starts and things really get interesting. You go quantum in many senses.

Many in the earthly tradition believe that they are a linear incarnation, starting from an origin point at a time in the historical past. You are right and correct to believe this, but it’s far more entertaining and expansive to add more dimensions to it.

  1. First Perspective - You began at a linear point in the past and came forward.

  2. Second Perspective - You began at a linear point in the future and came back.

  3. Third Perspective - You are a function of your strongest past and future lives. The ones with the largest voltage of emotional/mental/physical/spiritual data.

  4. Fourth Perspective - You exist only in the now.

  5. Fifth Perspective - You are part of a soul group of 144 that has always been together since your linear inception, and you are inseparable from other individuals within the soul group.

  6. Sixth Perspective - There is no ‘you’ as you only give rise to a sense of identification through the data held within your akashic record. When you pass over the memory is removed and you attain new memories in the next incarnation, much like a computer is wiped and rebooted.

  7. Seventh Perspective - You are timeless existence as the heart of pure unadulterated awareness, the alpha, the omega, the infinite, the timeless, the boundless, the eternal, the immortal, the unspeakable, the forever, the absolute.

  8. Eight Perspective - You exist simultaneously in the past, future, and present in a linear sense of time.

  9. Ninth Perspective - You exist simultaneously in different dimensions beyond time and space and in a linear sense.

  10. Tenth Perspective - You exist as various wills or aspects that have their own distinct existence and experience across time and space.

  11. Eleventh Perspective - You are merely a function of your higher self in the same manner that your toe is a function of your body. Necessary and reserving of love, but simply not the whole thing.

You get the idea, and there is no limit to the amount of perspectives that you choose to adopt. The beauty is that I’m not here enforcing this upon you. In fact, it’s recommended that you only take the perspectives that you feel most comfortable with. There is no right or wrong! You’re that free and there is no judgement how many perspectives you wish to add, or at what pace, or if at all.

The single biggest flaw of historical teaching on the learning plane of planet earth is the mandated enforcement of a rigid set of rules and proclaiming them to be the one true series of rules for everybody, across all time.

The only rule that is rigid is that as you think onto another, so will be done onto you. You are 100% free to adopt any perspective you wish and 100% not free in any regard to limit the activities or thoughts of any other sentient being. This law cannot be stated strongly enough. The subtle thoughts you have or project towards another can have an immensely crippling effect on another person.

The examples given above can be applied to any topic - exercise, nutrition, spirituality, finance, etc. Different perspectives each have their value. Give up the idea of trying to be right or trying to tie a knot in your understanding of a given topic, ‘forever’. Which is better, the consciousness of the baker or the bank or the lawyer or the doctor? All are equal, each has particular attributes, each has value.

It is a short example and not 100% comprehensive, but simply serves to illustrate the fact that you have a lot of choice and fluidity in terms of who you are and it's remarkably liberating when you accept this fact.

We can say that the more perspectives you do choose to adopt, the richer your life will be and you will have a more multifaceted and nuanced approach across all topics, regardless of the subject matter.

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