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Precept Two - Simultaneity

This is perhaps the most important of all the core foundational precepts of enlightenment. First, it has to be understood that every single truth can be argued in either direction, with validity. Paradox is inherent and natural to duality, and this is a freeing concept when you come to terms with it, as you don’t have to study anything in order to have the ‘correct’ point of view.

There are millions of instances where this is the case, but 22 are listed just to start:

  1. Life is purposeless vs life is meaningful.

  2. You have a mission vs your mission is to have fun.

  3. You do not exist vs I Am That I Am

  4. You need a great variety of foods vs you need a few simple food types.

  5. You need activity vs you need stillness.

  6. You need daily inspiration vs you need to reduce outside thoughts.

  7. You should focus on your own self development vs you should focus on group consciousness

  8. You should eat dense physical foods vs you should eat light foods.

  9. Enlightenment happens over thousands of lifetimes of systemic experience vs enlightenment happens in the blink of an eye.

  10. You are a part of the Earth vs you descended from the stars.

  11. You will return to the Earth vs you will return to the stars.

  12. This realm is an illusion vs this realm is as real as any other.

  13. Technology has completely destroyed humanity's intelligence, culture, creativity, and motivation vs technology has enabled rapid human development and communication.

  14. You should satisfy your desires vs you should not have any desires.

  15. Repressed energy will destroy your life vs too much expression will ruin your life.

  16. You are here to ascend to another dimension vs you are here to integrate ‘another’ dimension.

  17. Liberalism is foolish and immature vs conservatism is traditional and restrictive.

  18. You do not exist vs you are timeless and immortal.

  19. Astrology is pointless vs Astrology will tell every single detail of the soul of a lifestream

  20. The purpose of material matter is for the experience of the human soul vs individual matter has its own experience, lifestream, and vibratory essence.

  21. Death is a simple transition vs death is an aberration of eternal life.

  22. Life is a cosmic joke vs life is serious with serious ramifications for poor decisions.

What happens to many humans is that they become polarised in a particular direction. They believe that man should only eat vegan foods or that the meaning of life is to help others or that they must build a lightbody and fly elsewhere.

In every single instance where you polarise, you lose. No matter how seemingly strong your position, how strong your will, or how well thought out your polarisation, everybody comes back to center, sooner or later. Balance has to be found between opposing precepts. Eventually, the two are integrated into one.

So, on every potential issue, don’t take a position. Or see that both ends of an argument are simultaneously correct and go with one, without attacking the other. This is the precept of simultaneity. It actually allows you a lot of freedom as your ego does not have a position to defend, and does not need to exert all the soul's energy in defending this illusory position.

It also enables you to see with increased benevolence another person’s point of view. You see where both the conservative and the liberal are coming from and that both have correct, though somewhat limited, viewpoints. And you can do the same across every single polarised argument in the 3D realm - Veganism vs Paleo, East vs West, Spirituality vs Matter, Ascension vs Integration, the list goes on.

Ultimately, you can select which side of the polarity you are on, which can sometimes be helpful. But you will consciously choose from a more enlightenment place based on experience, not be electromagnetically compelled towards a form of polarisation due to subconscious patterns or media programming.

You will stay in the center when you balance these opposites. This is done through wisdom and experience. And a core piece of wisdom that has not quite touched the minds, hearts and souls of humanity is spiral dynamics, outlined in more detail below. But before that, the student needs to understand triplicity and multiplicity.

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