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Projective Power

For a number of years, I have been undertaking a number of ‘projection’ exercises. This is a somewhat mystical type of exercise I came across in a series of audiotapes released by Jon Rappoport, who can be best described as a modern-day magician or alchemist. 

The premise is simple, and brilliant. It’s also perfectly scientific. The universe is essentially an input-output mechanism. When you project outwards, you receive back. The speed, intensity, and quality of what comes back is a function of the speed, intensity, and quality of what you projected out. In addition, the coherence of your projection would play a huge role in the results of your activity. 

The exercises themselves are straightforward, though hard for many to do (people try to conceptualize or intellectualize such practices instead of immediately actualizing them). You pick a feeling, word, image, concept, and you project it outwards from you. And you observe the results. This is best done while walking and projecting on the out breath, but its not a pre-requisite. 

It’s a fantastic exercise for a number of reasons:

  1. You get the results of what you are projecting.  

  2. You increase your projective power. 

  3. You get pleasant indirect benefits. 

  4. You eventually realize that you were always projecting, just subconsciously. 

  5. You will likely be shoring up on a prevalent societal weakness - timidity. 

You will probably make some interesting discoveries. I discovered that there is only so much Blue you can project before it needs to be complemented with White. When I projected Brilliance, the associated color was Green. When I projected Joy, Yellow. Genius was a mix of Purple and Dark non-existential matter (the ideas pop out of nothingness, it would seem). Grace was a light Blue, while Gratitude was Pink. Certain associations tend to emerge that are otherwise missed in theoretical debates. 

But the main discovery is that these exercises made me feel more alive and also made me feel more powerful and confident. Because the energy was being projected from me, instead of being attracted to me. The Law of Attraction still holds sway (I don’t hold quite the distaste that Jon seems to have for Attracting objects instead of Projecting them).

After a certain period, you need to wait and receive what you project out. Attraction and Projection are two sides of the same coin, you might say. But society is definitely missing the Projection side, which is possibly why the human population is so weak and passive, allowing themselves to be slaves of the Deep State as technology casts its nets over their eyes (and skies, in the case of chemtrails). 

The biggest issue I found in the completion of these exercises is picking a word and sticking with it. The energy wants to immediately morph into something different. I do not have full control, as a co-creator, and need to pay attention to what is most necessary. And I need to let the energy do the work.

But at least Projection exercises put the power back where it is supposed to be. Understand that if you are not actively projecting, you are 100% receptively/passively absorbing. And with media propaganda running rampant, then you are absorbing some extremely negative material. 

Start now - 30 minutes a day for a month.

See what comes back. 

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