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Reality Battles & Subtle Power Struggles: A Song for Spiritual Olympians

It can seem as if the history of planet Earth has been one of good vs evil, light vs darkness, service-to-self vs service-to-others. But it’s time to expand our understanding of this a little.

If you’ve been attracted to this kind of material and remain for the most part, non-triggered, I’m guessing your top 0.1 - 2%. What I like to call a Spiritual Olympian, as it’s a pretty good motif in terms of how you might approach your spiritual progression. As an Olympian, you just pump your biceps and go after the bad guys, Captain America style, right?

Not so fast, Hercules. The biggest challenge you're going to face is, in fact, in the New Age Community. You friends and family. Your loved ones. And here’s why.

Whenever you interact with another person, you are either aligned with their energetic field or not. And the New Age Community is pretty much the Wild West in terms of its variety of beliefs and the myriad kinds of glamours that ensue. There is nothing in modern spirituality that speaks of unity and cohesion. Nada. Zip. It’s a veritable minefield of reality battles and subtle power struggles. All dressed up as being ‘spiritual’. If all else fails, you call the other person non-integrated, egotistical, or merely projecting their own shadow.

As a Spiritual Olmpian, it’s your job to actively protect your reality from the subtle beliefs and non-optimised thoughts of other people. Not all teachings are for you, no matter how ‘high’ they appear. If you are not in resonance with the beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviours of other people, friction will ensue. In a most tragic fashion, you, the Spiritual Olympian, will end up giving your power away.

All humans do this, as they continually give anything power except themselves. They think that power is egotistical. Which is why they removed ‘Power’ from the old adage ‘Love, Light, and Power’. How many people have wished you Love and Light, without the Power? There’s a reason for that.

And that’s 4D consciousness. You still have to deal with 3D Muggle reality. If you think you can live with a 3D person and maintain a sublime state of awareness, I’d have to call you a fool, unless you are extremely far along the spiritual path. Whenever you talk to another person, you are imbibing their frequency. They are literally pulling you into their reality with their words, and the more you listen, the more ensnared you become. You’ll bring them up a little, but they will bring you down more.

There is a tendency of high pressure systems to always flow into low pressure systems. If you are doing energy cleaning work 3 times a day then you are creating a Celestial Void. The Muggles (Chaotic Consciousness) will be all too eager to fill up your Celestial mind with their Satan thoughts.

Not maliciously or will evil intent. Just by sheer mindlessness and lack of awareness. Unless you establish order in your mind and body, you are not going to be orderly. You are going to be a low vibration that will automatically seek to pull energy from somewhere. A high vibration individual without boundaries that does not respect the divinity of his own space is the perfect meal, and they will unconsciously feast on the high vibrations.

What we are dealing with here is the technical specifications of consciousness. If you create a nice space and don’t put boundaries around it, you are going to get violated. See the previous post ‘The importance and Necessity of Locks’ for more reasons you need to protect your spiritual space. Basically, if you think locks are evil, its best to remember that God had put locks around your consciousness for a very good reason. You would cause chaos the higher realms if you cannot direct your energy. The locks will be removed when responsibility and reliability is demonstrated.

I could go into many more details, but I need to keep it short and succinct with a final point. As a Spiritual Olympian, you need to recognise the fact that you’ve more than likely been severely gas lit your entire life due to the higher Light quotient you continually embodied. Then you were likely gas lit on many New Age forums due to your higher level of Truth energetics. Then your light dimmed considerably as you gave your power away. It does not matter if you give your power away to an enlightened being, a spiritual group, or to the government. You are still distracted from the only true source of power, your inner being, higher self, authentic self, etc.

You're not looking to pick fights here. However (and this is a big however), defend your turf when the Muggles or the New Agers attack. They will try to project into your reality if you don’t set clear boundaries. Your friends and loved ones will do as much (and likely far more) damage than the most evil of Draconians or Dark Magicians. Be extremely careful about how your closest friends are affecting your beliefs and behaviour. As a Spiritual Olympian, you need to create your own space to excel.

Consider that every single spiritual master (an Olympian), has, without question, withdrawn from society for prolonged periods, where enlightenment was achieved in isolation. This was so their minds and wider energetic fields could be kept pure without outside interference. Your field is continually interacting with many other frequencies and needs to be kept pure. A large part of this is your extrication from the thoughts and beliefs of friends, family, and many online drama creatures.

So build your own space and keep others away from it. Be very careful who and what you let in. You don't get points for being a martyr - your energy just gets drained to infinity until you cut cords and place boundaries. It's just how it goes.

Set boundaries, make process, and then decide who to help, heal, and assist with full authority and autonomy.

I remain your ardent supporter and constant well wisher, cheering you on to infinite, absolute, unconditional success.

The Galactic Scribe


  • Nothing here prevents you from practicing the law of Attraction (It's actually recommended).

  • Nothing here prevents you from doing Shadow Work (It's also recommended, in balance).

  • Nothing here prevents you from loving your friends and family (this is actually a great thing to do. But the philosophy of ‘Love From a Distance’ is strongly emphasised. Olympians need their space, and lots of it).

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