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Rhythm and Ritual

There is something very sacramental about doing things at the same time each day. The universe can be likened to a giant clock, spinning celestial spheres that are all interconnectecd, in an identical fashion to the human celestial spheres (Auric Fields). We all affect each other in subtle ways. 

But this particular blog has nothing to do with astrology. It’s about the immensely positive affect that timing will have on your well being. If you catch the wave at the right time, it will bring you all the way to shore.

Similarly, if you do anything at set times each day, you will reap huge benefits. In particular, I refer to eating at similar times and meditating at similar times. It patterns you life in particular ways. And these patterns are quite powerful. 

This is why ancient ashrams (as well as indigenous cultures) took great care to do certain rituals at specific times. Sungazing for 10 minutes in the morning when the Sun rises will set you up for the day, though that is difficult for most to manage. If you can meditate at roughly the sime time each morning, the effects will be profound. If you have your last (light) meal at 7 PM each day, the result will likewise be profound. Better yet, if you do this day in, day out, the results will compound. 

Unfortunately, the planetary controllers have taken great care to ensure that the human is as fragmented as possible. Caught up with endless electronic distractions, there is no time to establish consistent patterns. The best One can hope for is a Vipassana or similar retreat once a year (which is definitely worth going to). As beneficial as this doubtless is, some of it needs to be brought back into the mundane, everyday existence.

So select a few ritual and stick with them. It is not even so much what you do, just the fact that you are setting the intention of doing something at a particular time each day, saying no to all of the distractions. And believe me - there will be distractions. 

Your friends and family (often your biggest enemy) will have to get used to the fact that you meditate at 7 AM in the morning and 5:45 PM in the evening, that you no longer each toxic food, and that you are unavailable for alcohol and dinner parties. Not because you have anything else planned, but merely because it upsets your plan. 

The universe is built on sacred geometrical patterns, which has a correspondence to the time at which you undertake certain activities. If you are precise in the application of this, fantastic results will be observed withint 3 days.

And yes, there is a lot to be said for ‘flexibility’ and ‘freedom’. You need to have a malleable mind. But you also need to have some ironclad principles in place to ensure that your life is not just a mediocre existence where you blew in whicever direction the wind was blowing.

Because right now, the 21st-century winds are full of nefarious chemicals. 

Rhythm and Ritual are your friends. And societal norms are your enemies. 

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